How to get the smell of urine out of carpets

We are a nation of animal lovers. They can be our best friends, our confidants in times of anxiety. I do it myself. Walking my dog having chats, he just listens.

Our animals have accidents when growing up just like children.

But how would you go about cleaning up your animal’s accidents?

If you live in a property that has laminate flooring, you can just wipe and mop.

What actions does one take if the accidents happen on your carpet?

First thing is to respond to the accident as quickly as possible.
Pee can be a little demon in its own right.
It can be messy and smelly.
Carpets act a bit like a sponge. Absorbing the liquid.
This is where the problems start to arise,
If not removed straight away it can start to seep into the underlay of padding.
So, what happens when you cannot clean up the urine yourself.? Simple, your carpets start to smell, and it is time to call in a trained techniican.
If you contact a professional an approximate costing can be advised. The reason an accurate quote cannot be provided is that these types of jobs may need a lot more work than standard.

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Let me explain,
Hopefully you have managed to extract the urine out of your carpet yourself, however it may have seeped further than the carpet.
A detailed survey would answer this.
So, ok the survey has taken place. This can go a few ways.
1/ Straight forward urine extraction
2/ Extraction along with odour perfume.
3/ Lifting the carpet and checking the underlay.

Response to survey

1/ Action taken is a clean water flush. Followed by urine cleanser applied to the area. Left to dwell and then extracted. Ph test carried out along with using an ultra violet light

2/This is the same process, however after carrying out the ph test and u light, use a dryer to dry the area, then we can apply an odour cleaner, or perfume to the said area.

3/ This is the more complicated route.

The carpet is pulled back. The backing of the carpet is checked and treated.

However, if the underlay is damp this has to be removed. The subfloor also needs to be treated also.

If the subfloor is asphalt the solution can be applied and allowed to dry, taking only a few minutes.

If the subfloor is wood, same process however the drying time takes longer, and we normally speed this up using a hair dryer.

We then with using process 2.

Number 3 was used to one of our customers in Lymm. The customer has kindly submitted a review to our website

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