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Are you looking for expert carpet cleaners in Cadishead?

We deliver a service for both commercial and residential customers.

Having one’s carpets professionally cleaned not only revives your fibres but will also remove dirt, grit, dust mites, including bacteria.

Carpets are a filtration system. Like any type of filtration system, it needs to be clear of all debris to work efficiently.

This is why we use a hoover. To keep that debris at bay.

Using a vacuum, however, is not cleaning. This is just maintenance. You know what lurks beneath, subconsciously you understand what is going on. Hoovering should take place at least twice a week, daily if you have pets that molt. Pet dander becomes embroiled in fibres, which will add odour to fibres. This is why you wash your clothes regularly to ensure they stay clean and fresh.

If you have pets or small children am sure that accidents have happened.

When was your carpet last cleaned?

It is recommended carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, and on a more regular basis if you have dogs.

Am sure that your carpet does not look as it did a year ago. You become used to its appearance, not realising that change in colour of its fibres.

One question we ask customers is would you feel comfortable with a toddler crawling around on your carpet?

Costing for cleaning against replacement is a no-brainer.

As an example, a flight of stairs we charge £30.00

For a living room, we charge £55.00. This is for a size of no more than 15ftx 12 ft. A larger room will incur a price increment, this is why we require exact measurement for an accurate quotation. If you are unsure we can visit you to inspect along with a survey free of charge.

Rugs are charged on their condition. For example, if a rug is contaminated with urine, this would be more expensive than a straight steam cleaning process.


Leather upholstery pricing varies also. You may have heat stains that may require re-dying of leather. You may have embedded grease where you rest your head. All of this would need a visit to action a survey to ensure that what you want can be delivered. Cleaning of a leather sofa will involve a hand wash. Our solution breaks down all grease, grime, whilst reviving its original colour. All nooks and crannies are addressed.

Once this is completed we re-clean using specialist creams which replenish leather with oils it requires. 


What type of system we use will all depend on the fibre. My preferred way is steam cleaning.

This is a preferred method used by professionals.

Steam reaches 100% of fibre, releasing all contaminants, be it stains, urine, odour. It is if you could place your carpet in the washing machine on a hot wash. This is how you want us to be.


If you are considering hiring a carpet cleaning machine in Cadishead please be careful.

It could be a cheaper option to have a go yourself. Diy carpet cleaning can come with some serious consequences.

The collection of the machine along with the shampoos and problem solvers could cost around £60.00 or so for the weekend. Sounds good so far.

Attempting this project can cause you some issues. Let me explain.


When any fabric is cleaned the pressure of the water needs to be controlled to not cause any fibre damage.

When we use our machine we have control being a pressure of 0 to 1000psi.

Hire machines that have a maximum of 30 psi. They have no control over heat. We can generate anything from cold to steam.

The vacuums we have can run hoses up to 150ft. The hire machine is around 10ft or so.

So before you start have you been able to identify what fibre you are cleaning? Not all fibres can be wet cleanable. Some can shrink or distort. This is where the experience of our service comes in. We can. Having many years of hands-on experience, and training with schools such as the Iicrc and Ncca.


We provide a variety of systems to ensure that all fabrics can be sanitised correctly.


Steam System

This is water injected into fibres under pressure. This proven system destroys odours, dust mites, allergens, and grease. Leaving whatever has been cleaned sanitised.


Dry system


Using minimal moisture accompanied with absorbent sponges. Agitated under force, creating a chemical reaction with odour and dirt.

The sponges absorb dirt which is then vacuumed.

Normally used on carpets such as Wiltons which are prone to shrinkage if they come into contact with a lot of moisture.


Low moisture  


Used on large flat carpeted areas. This is generally carried out on commercial jobs. Advantage covers large areas quickly. The disadvantages are only the surface is cleaned.


Tips for the home


When vacuuming why not try to work in the opposite direction than you normally would. Working slower also.

This will move the fibres into a different position, which will help in the recovery of more waste.


Chewing Gum


This tacky substance can be difficult to remove for a homeowner. Picking at it may damage fibres.

Use this little tip.

Spray wd40 on an area of concern. Leave to dwell for a minute. The gum will start to break down allowing you to remove the substance safely.


Never rub a stain, always blot.

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