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Regular vacuuming removes dust and loose debris however, it won’t clean. It is a bit like your clothes. You get a mark on it and you brush it off. However, you will end up putting it in the washing machine to be washed.

The thought process should be used for your carpets and upholstery. Commercial and residential properties are receiving traffic daily.

Walking back and forth, sitting down, wiping your hands on the arms of the sofa, transferring grease to headrests.

Over time, this all builds up. We now start seeing colour changes. Darker areas. When this happens, you now have bacteria, probably odours, and other micro organisms such as dust mites.


Carpet Cleaners Leigh

Steam extraction is the most popular and best method to use. The benefits of using water temperatures at this level break down all the grease, grime, odours and stains.

For both customers they had artificial carpets, so we could use strong alkaline solutions.

This is the solution we use on all wet cleanable carpets. For wool carpets, we use neutral wool-approved products.

Before any work takes place on a property, we carry out a survey. We check the fitting, fraying, stains and general condition.

We will relay any issues we find with you.

Once we have decided the best solution to use, we apply this sparingly. We then agitate this into the fibres. Cleaning carpets is a game of chemistry.

As the chemical is going off, we set up the machinery.

Water pressure is normally around 300psi to 400 psi depending on the length of fibre.

To neutralise the alkaline solution, we add a capful of acid to the freshwater tank. Temperature also helps with the removal of grease, grime and odours.

Drying times are normally around two to four hours, however, if we are doing more than one room, we can speed up the drying times by using air movers.

Leather Sofa Cleaners Leigh

Your leather furniture is a skin. And every skin requires to be cleaned to breathe. But also the hyde requires having its suppleness. If not, drying out begins, and this is where you start, to see cracking.

We wash all the furniture with a delicate solution. This breaks down the grease and marks. Once this is complete, we then re-clean using our quality moisturiser. Using small circular motions, all areas are treated.

We advise once the work is complete, you don’t use the chairs for around an hour.


Hardfloor Cleaning Leigh

Hard floors such as stone are porous and, over time, become dirty. May start to look dirty. Cleaning should only be carried out by qualified technicians.

Using specialist machinery and chemicals to remove all the grease and grime. The grout is also cleaned.



Most homes have had pets and of course, accidents happen. Urine sinks into the underlay if you are not quick enough. You may experience smells and colour changes. Yellow and orange indicate bleaching, darker than the carpet’s true colour suggests this could be removed.


The blemishes come in all sorts of sizes and issues. How we deal with them is down to identification. We carry an array of chemicals and solutions that help us remove these. It could be blood and vomit, coffee, urine, and wine just to name a few.





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