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Looking for a reliable leather upholstery cleaning company? Need a trustworthy cleaning company to rely on? Thankfully, you have come to the right place. Clean my Carpets provide a flexible variety of upholstery cleaning services.

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Leather is a beautiful, durable, and very flexible material, usually created from cattle hide. This material is usually associated with luxury and is used in upholstering on some of the most expensive furniture and vehicle interiors. Normally, there are four main types.

Full-grain is the upper part of a hide that previously contained the epidermis and hair but was then removed from the hide or skin. Full-grain refers to hides that have not been sanded, buffed, or snuffer to remove the imperfections or natural marks on the hide’s surface. This type of leather offers the best fibre strength and durability. This also offers natural breathability, resulting in less moisture from prolonged contact. Full-grain, instead of becoming worn out, will develop a natural patina over time with some cracking and splitting. The finest leather upholstering on furniture is made from full-grain leather. Because of this, only the best rawhide is used to create full-grain leather. To easily test if it is full-grain, lightly scratch its surface with fingernails; if a lighter-coloured streak remains, it is full-grain. Full–grain is typically available in the finishes: aniline and semi-aniline.

Top Grain Leather

This type is considered an inaccurate description. While the name gives the impression of top quality, full grain is the highest quality. Top grain is the second highest quality, however, its surface is sanded and refinished. Because it has a smoother surface, it has a colder, plastic texture with less breathability, and will not develop a natural patina. However, its advantages over full grain leather are that it is typically less expensive, and has greater resistance to stains.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning




Corrected Grain 

This leather is any that has had an artificial grain applied to its surface. Most corrected grain leather is used to make pigmented leather as the solid pigment helps to hide the corrections or imperfections. This type can be bought in the finish types; semi-aniline or pigmented.

Split Leather

This is created from the fibrous part of the hide left over after the top grain of the rawhide has been separated from the hide. Split leather is used to create the strongest suede. It has all the characteristics that make it ideal for sofas and chairs. It is supple, flexible, and extremely durable. Also, good quality leather will improve as it gets older with age and regular use. Leather is suitable for many styles of furniture, from classical to Western, rustic, contemporary, and everything in between.

It also tends to go well with the interior décor style for both formal and informal environments. The initial cost of full grain or top grain western leather upholstery may be a bit more than a sofa or chair made of other material, however, it will provide the best overall value for money, because of its natural beauty and remarkable durability.

The cleaning process starts with a bleed test. This is normally done at the back of the settee. This will give us an indication if any dye will run or not using the conventional cleaning method. This helps us to identify which will give you the best cleaning results.

Your leather three-piece suite will have the following process applied.


    1. 1. We hoover all the nooks and crannies
    1. 2. The grease, dirt, and grime are cleaned away using our first step cleaning process.
    1. 3. A damp cloth is used to remove any chemical residue.
    1. 4. A combined cleaner and conditioner are then applied.
    1. 5. Usage of your settee is available 30 minutes after cleaning.

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