Carpet Cleaning Frodsham

Many Frodsham carpet cleaners claim to offer quality carpet, rug, fabric and leather upholstery cleaning service.

How do you know how good they are?

What sets us apart from our competition?

Is a written review worth the paper it is written on? Not in my eyes. They could be made up. What about videos from real customers. We have quite a few ranging from a church minister, interior designers. Why not listen to some, hear they say about our carpet and upholstery cleaning skills, or our stain removal service.

Our Experience

Because of our wonderful reputation, we are now carpet cleaning in Frodsham. We have a pool of experience dealing with a vast array of fibres.

Having that expertise and skill when dealing with your carpets, rugs or upholstery is paramount. Although of our location we have travelled to other areas within the the United Kingdom. This has been for people relocating outside of our normal area, and only want us to work for them, and are prepared to pay a premium for us to visit them.

Advanced Technology

For that deep clean your fabrics require our state-of-the-art truck mount equipment, chemical technology including experience which makes a huge difference in results. Amazing power generated from our machine can reach temperatures well over 130c, which we call steam extraction, has a vacuum system we can run hoses over

100 feet, with a water pressure capacity of up to 1200 psi. Psi used on carpets would never go over 400, over 180 fabric upholstery. So we have superior equipment, knowledge, training, hands-on experience required to provide those quality results.

Steam cleaning

The most popular system we use.

Advantages are you receive a deep down extractions process. High temperatures in excess of 130c will eliminate grease grime , dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and allergens are broken down then extracted. Water pressure applied opens up the fibres, allowing a deep and thorough clean. We would use this method on man made fabrics. Using hot water on the likes of Wool may cause damage so caution is used, along with our 20 years of training and experience.

Low moisture is whereby a rotating pad goes over an area. Minimal liquids are used. This is normally used in places such as hotels, conference rooms. Where areas are large. This will only remove surface dirt.

Disadvantages of this are that carpets may look clean. A rotating pad will only clean the surface. It does not sterilise what it cleans.

Dry System

Using this particular system has its limitations as you can expect.

Used normally on water sensitive items such as Wilton Carpets.


Solutions can make a big difference in any outcome undertaken. Our technicians have detailed training, experience to provide everyone with an excellent experience. This includes understanding the best chemicals to use, solutions gels plus are tricks of the trade.

Our service may be dealing with tea or coffee. We have a dedicated acid for this which has a ph. of 2.5. When using this level we wear a mask and gloves. Once we have completed this task we neutralise the area, leaving a ph. level of 7.5.

You may have chewing gum or blur tac which you cannot remove. For this, I would be using gels. Gels for this issue slowly melt any gum allowing an easy extraction. We carry two types of gel. One for residential carpets, another when we are dealing with commercial customers

Reasons for having two types of gel is most business premises will have carpet tiles. Carpet tiles have a backing being bitumen. Using an incorrect gel would put a hole in the tile.

There is an additional costing for this process. A few blobs we will just do, but if we are talking over five then we charge 50 pence a blob.

This chemical is expensive to buy.

A little story

We were invited to an optician’s office. They had low profile glued down carpet. Dark in colour but had over a hundred blobs of chewing gum which was quite an eyesore. These had been walked onto its carpeted area by customers. It did look shabby.

So our customer’s quote was for gum extraction and steam carpet cleaning.

The gum alone took us nearly two hours to remove as they were so crushed into the fibres. Perseverance prevailed. We achieved a fantastic result.

Red Wine 

This has probably happened in most homes. A dropped glass. So what do you do?

As panic sets in you are scrubbing away. Hoping you can lift any liquid quickly. If it is a dark carpet you may get away with it. What if it a light colour carpet. When dry a mark may have a dark colour, or it may just be red.

Colourings all depend on tanning levels.

Again a specific solution has to be used to correct this. It is all about chemistry. When a fibre changing colour through liquid a chemical reaction has taken place. It is then up to me to use my chemistry skills in reversing and neutralising this stain.

Urine Removal

Leave this to professionals. Period.

Solutions you can buy from shops

Don’t buy these. They cause more harm than good.

If you read the instructions on the labelled spotter it will state

Always use in an inconspicuous area. Check for colour change.

So you follow their instructions and colour change occurs. You have now caused a bleaching issue. Depending on the fibres you are dealing with, this bleach mark may be permanent, even for us.

You can’t take this product back as you have opened its product.

So as a rule of thumb we always advise, just leave any problems alone. We have a better chance of extracting this for you.

Any size of jobs

Some companies will not take on small jobs, they are after full house cleans only, or large commercial projects. We do not discriminate between small or big jobs. We do not abandon a small job for a big one. A customer is a customer.

Flight of stairs Standard steam cleaning process is £30.00

Lounge up to 15ft x 12ft £55.00

These prices vary should we need to deal with odour,  urine issues or repair work

Our services provide great value for money which are applauded by our customers.

We aim to please and diligently address all your requirements with efficiency and responsiveness!

Pet Stains and odour

We can remove animal’s accidents and urine from your fabrics. We are your get out of jail experts!

Removing these issues is probably on the mind of every owner.

Using store-bought solutions may provide some relief for smaller

Incidents, did you get that mark out entirely, or can you still smell or see something?

Do store products help you get all marks out? What difference can professional solutions make? In our opinion shop stain removers is a waste of your money.

There is a process that we use which was taught to us when we trained with the Ncca. We have used this procedure on many jobs with a wonderful success rate over the years, and yes it is very common for us to attend such jobs.

It can be messy dealing with this saying that with any other type of stain.

Knowledge is power as they say.

You can trust that we know what we are doing. By correctly handling your problems, it becomes easier to remove. Incorrect methods can damage your rug, carpet or upholstery. We can use organic enzymes, solvents or gels to tackle these which help guarantee their extraction.

Ignoring these or using unsuitable solvents or methods can lead to product discolouration and more severe odours.

The longer you delay or ignore stains, the harder to remove can become. This can also increase costs drastically. So please, act fast. Call us today.

Trust our animal problem  skills. Let us help return your home or employment environment to a healthy state. After eliminating a stain, we focus on odour elimination too. Odours can be powerful and linger even after the main source has been removed.

The best tool is aware of for detecting odour is our nose.

If the smell has penetrated the backing of your carpet the only way to resolve this is to replace your underlay, then start our odour  process.


Stains can be very distracting which lead to unpleasant smells and odours.

We provide various services which help to maintain rugs, carpets, fabrics and upholstery in your environment. These services include stain removal. Your fibres can have protection applied after cleaning. This is an invisible shield which when an accident occurs allows you to remove any spillage safely

Rug Cleaning

We are rug restoration experts. We clean all sorts. Natural or manmade yarn. Our qualified technicians deliver amazing service to both our commercial and residential customers.

We can get rid of most problems, dirt, dust plus various smells that attach themselves which make these items unsightly or unhealthy

Regularly cleaning can help prolong the life of these items.

We clean all types including Persian, Chinese and other specialist rugs. These can be expensive and delicate. We know this!

Our process involves:

Identifying any rug stains and odours 

When I work on getting your rugs clean, I have to identify issues or odours I need to deal with. These steps help my experienced technicians to determine if special processes need to be taken to get rugs clean

Using appropriate methods: We have a variety of methods. Our technicians will determine the best way that will be suitable for even delicate items.