Carpet Cleaning Frodsham

Carpet Cleaning Frodsham

 Carpet Cleaners Frodsham


Carpet and Upholstery cleaning in Frodsham is something we do regularly.

We predominantly are contacted through recommendations such as this customer.

Upon the initial contact, we ask lots of questions, such as condition, odours, stains, pet issues, and human issues.

We can then provide a quotation based on your information.

When we arrive on site, we will survey to ensure what you say is consistent with our findings.

If the rooms are smaller, we adjust our price and in the event you are way off, we will amend our costings.

For this customer, they were kind enough to send me a video.

Upon arrival on site, the first evident thing was the smell. Urine accidents.

I checked all the rooms to be cleaned and was happy to proceed.

Before any work started, I applied a powerful deodoriser.

We then have a process as to how we carry out the work.

1/ Hoovering- There was so much hair embedded within the fibres we had to use our CRB machine and hand brush.

The preparation will give you the best results.

Once the whole property has been vacuumed and all hair and dust removed. We can now proceed.


2/ What chemical and solution should we use? We try to identify the stains and treat them separately. This is where our experience and training come into play. For this job, we used an enzyme solution along with an oxy booster. We liberally apply this under pressure using a specialist spray gun. Once each room has been treated, we now agitated this deep into the fibres. We allow a dwell time of at least ten minutes. This allows the solution to break down the grease and grime. Chemistry is very important in our line of work.

3/ Our truck mount was set up. Fresh water was added along with an acid.

The acid is used to neutralise the alkaline level, leaving a neutral PH score.

Temperature is also beneficial, so we used steam vapour.

Heat at this level also has other positive advantages. It kills bacteria, allergens, microorganisms, and dust mites. Starting at the furthest point of the property and working backwards.

4/ Drying times are normally 2 hours based on the fibre length and humidity. To speed this up, we use air movers.


Carpet Cleaning Frodsham


Stain removal from carpets

Removing stains from carpets or upholstery may seem easy, however, it is probably one of the main reasons you are contacting us. You have tried the shop products only to view days later a bigger stain. It is using our experience, quality solutions and skills that can reverse the vast majority of these blemishes.

Urine Extraction

This is a very common call out for us. Urine can change the colour of a carpet. If the colour is dark, the probability of removal is high. If bleaching has occurred and turned the fibres yellow or orange, this is permanent. We can repair some areas via colour matching or using spare pieces of the same carpet to remove and replace.

Removal of odours

Smells are not pleasant. These range from urine, vomit, mildew and dampness.

Identifying what we are trying to eliminate is important.

Some odour may be deeper than the carpets pile, such as in the underlay.

We use powerful odour eaters that have given us a great success rate.

End of Tenancy

Landlords today require that you have your carpets professionally cleaned for the next tenant. For this service, we always like to view before we quote. Some properties have tenants who just don’t care how they treat your home. This viewing and survey will identify what work needs to be carried out.

Upholstery Cleaning Service In Frodsham

When dealing with sofas, identifying the fibre is critical. This allows us to determine the method of cleaning to use, and what solutions are safe. When we start we start at the rear. Work our way around to the sides. Once complete, we wipe down to put the nap back into position. After this, we then start on the headrests. This is where grease builds up from people’s heads. We now concentrate on the more used areas, the seating section, and arms.

We always agitate our solutions using a brush. This penetrates the fabric deep, which relinquishes all the dirt. Steam also plays a part in the cleaning process.

Renting a Machine.







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