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Our Runcorn carpet cleaners welcome you to their website and also thank you for the taking time to visit us today. With great confidence. If you have searched for carpet cleaners in Runcorn, we can assist you. We are a team well trained. Experts in our field.

This is because of our many years of experience. Without giving you a hint of my age, it has earned us a wonderful reputation of being a company which is trustworthy and reliable. Our local council uses our services for commercial works. In some circumstances, customers have even left us with keys to their premises, with the responsibility of locking up after completing the job.

We have been in this business for a long time now, so when you next see Facebook advertisements offering you great prices, I urge you to ask yourself first; is this price too good to be true? Some companies are impressive and well established. It is the flyby and start-ups you need to be wary of.

We see google adverts for £19.00 per room.


As my mum always said, what you pay for is what you get. It is very true.

Frequently, they have contacted us asking for our opinion on these cheap deals, after we have carried work out.

That experience has, for some, turned out to be an expensive plus a very inconvenient fix.

Certain clients have had to have their carpets uplifted, and underlay replaced.

carpet cleaning Runcorn

So before considering seeing this amazing offer, you want to pay £19.00 for a room, think.

What training have you had?

Are you fully insured?

What methods do you use?

Are you trained in removing stains?

Can you eliminate urine and odours?




For this customer, they had tried powder, foams and anything else they could think of to try and make their carpets look cleaner and fresher without success

This is what we did.

1/ Hoover

2/ Apply a powerful enzyme solution which combats odours, stains and dirt. We repeated this application.

3/ Using a water pressure of 300psi along with steam vapour this lounge had all the smells removed, and blemishes extracted leaving the room smelling revitalised.

And the cost for this job was £55.00

Solutions that we use on any fibres we are dealing with are a combination of different chemicals; ranging from Eco friendly to alkaline acids and gels. Where possible, we like to do our bit, being kind to our environment, so depending on the fibres we may use steam extraction or hot water on this type of material. Temperatures can exceed 120c. With this level of heat, all dust mites, bacteria, allergens, grease, and dirt are destroyed. we also may use a dry or a low moisture system- again, this depends on the construction of the material. As an example, have you heard of a Wilton?

The construction of this type involves weaves and wefts. It is these that when wet can make fibres shrink. In most instances, this cannot be corrected by attempting to re-stretch it.

I believe we use the quality solutions available, which I am happy to use in my home. I have two dogs, so these solutions are pet-friendly. They have privately tested these on a variety of furnishings. If new products come to play, if they do not meet our standards, we do not use them again. We also offer a variety of other services.

So what happens on the day of our visit to you?

Once a member of my team arrives at your property, their initial job is to survey what you have asked us to clean. This is vital as it allows us to see the condition, any worn areas or stains which need addressing, and whether there are any odour or urine issues caused by pets or humans. We do this to ensure exactly which materials and fibres we are dealing with so we know the best way to complete the job. When you first enquire about working with us, will ask several questions which can help us get an understanding of what we will deal with.

Usually, we can instantly recognise most types. However, if we are slightly unsure, we will carry out a burn test, plus a float test. This will help us identify the fibres of the material with 100% accuracy. By saying this, we may have already visited your property, and surveyed the area to give you a quotation, which in this case another survey will not need to be actioned.

It’s then time for our work to begin. Throughout, we will keep everything as tidy as possible. Furniture in a living room such as sofas or chairs, we are more than happy to move. However, we cannot move your televisions for you as we are not insured to do this. By saying this, the vast majority do not fuss about having an area where the television is sitting, anyway.


My team and I are all positive, hardworking, and honest, and have all completed training with the NCCA and the IICRC. Over the years, we have addressed many fabric problems and have had the expertise to resolve most issues faced. A lot of factors can contribute to having carpets or rugs that are stained, smelly, or just dirty. Children may have spilled food or drink, or dogs have been rolling around slobbering, or maybe a new puppy isn’t making it outside in time just yet. Furnishings not serviced regularly can also factor in this.


For every property, our priority is to provide a great experience. Unfortunately, every so often we may come across an issue which we aren’t able to resolve. This may be because of a blemish where you have bleached an area or used an unsuitable substance that has instead bonded the stain.

We action these slightly differently than we would approach other materials. Identification and preparation are critical.

Although the process is similar, some rugs are silk, cotton, etc. which are dealt with differently than your man-made ones.

However, dealing with fabric furniture is a different matter.

As normal, it begins in the same way; starting with a survey. The material of fabric sofas could comprise cotton, silk, polyester, etc.–therefore some may have to be dry cleaned. It is also important that leather upholstery is carried out correctly the first time, as leather is a very luxurious material. First, I will vacuum leather, then breaks down any greasy areas or stains. We will then repeat the process with a unique product, which will replenish the leather’s three-piece suite with the oils it requires. This is vital, as leather can dry out.


Now for some hands-on advice that I would give to anyone with a query.

If you have any stains on your home fabrics, I would strongly advise you to not try to clean them yourself. Especially with typical over-the-counter products such as stain removers, as the small print will state test in an ‘inconspicuous area’. If you use this, if it changed the colour of your fibres then they definitely wouldn’t refund you for the product, even worse- they definitely wouldn’t be replacing your carpet!!

We understand that if there is a spillage, panic kicks in. First, you want to do is get rid of it it. So instead of over shop products, if you use this tip and make your home remedy, the results will be completely different. This is all using items you probably already have in your cupboards!! first, get a spray bottle, fill it three-quarters with water, then the balance with white vinegar. Before applying this, you need to address the stain. So if it’s solid, pick it straight up. If it is runny, use a spoon to do this. You can control the stain and not make it bigger by working inwards. If it is a liquid, put a towel over the spillage and put pressure onto it, then turn the towel over then repeat this step. The homemade remedy comes into use now if the stain remains. Spray it onto the stained area, leave for a couple of minutes, then dab the substance using a towel. You can repeat this step until you are happy with the outcome. Don’t worry- the smell of vinegar will evaporate quickly. However, this is better than a messy stain on the fabric.


A few weeks ago, I had an enquiry from a customer who requested a price. She informed me she wanted her lounge and stairs steamed. They had quoted her £150.00 for it. I took their details and suggested that I come over, and look as the price seemed extravagant for what she described. After a visit to her house, which didn’t even last ten minutes, I provided a price of £85.00 for the same job. For this price, we vacuum thoroughly, then we took our attention to the stains which needed to be treated. We then liberally apply our industrial pre-spray, which is massaged into the fibers using our CRB machine. In our last step, we use our steam extraction process. So please have a look at our video reviews from customers who were amazed by our service.


  • Fabric Sofa    You spend a lot of time relaxing in your three-piece suit. What you are not aware of is the transfer of grease from your hands, head, and hair. In time areas of the furniture gets darker, stickier, and even harden. Annual maintenance can relinquish all these problems for you. Steam extraction penetrates the fibres to its base.  We can also apply a stain guard if so required.


  • Leather Upholstery     Understanding what hide you have decides which method we use. Are we able to use chemicals or is it gels? Will we experience any colour runs? How do we test for this? We love working with this type of material. You may see cracks. This is where no nourishment has been administered. This should not be something carried out by an untrained person. 


  • Rugs     Can be the centerpiece of a room. Costs may vary from thirty pounds to many thousands.  We have worked on rugs hundreds of years old which are heirlooms.


  • Odour Control    Nothing is more unpleasant than walking into a room that smells, and that smell will not just go away. It could be smoke based such as cigarettes, or marijuana.  We can investigate this and advise on the best course of action. It may be that ozone machines are required, or a simple chemical and steam extraction.  Smells tend to invade everything porous.


  • Removal of Urine    Urine removal has different levels. The homeowner can normally tackle the basic problem. When we have intermediate to advanced then this is when you need to call me.


  • Removal of Flea Infestation    We do get this every so often as is more common in end-of-tenancy cleaning. This may take several days to resolve.  The property will have to be vacant for us to release poison gas on these creatures. Whilst not deadly to humans it will give you a nasty headache if you stayed at the property.



Should you require further information or a free quote, you can either email us, use drift, or an old fashion phone call.



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