Carpet cleaners in Liverpool

Carpet cleaning service in Liverpool
Carpet cleaners Liverpool
Carpet Cleaning Service Liverpool

  Is your furnishing dirty?                                       Do they smell?                       

                                                  Have unsightly stains?

           Has the dog had a wee?                                 Do they look tired?

Carpet Cleaning Liverpool is what we deliver every day. This should not be tackled by just anyone.

Some claim to be experts. I have been carpet and upholstery cleaning in Liverpool for over twenty years.

Look at this picture on the left. The dirt you see has invisible contaminants in it, such as bacteria, allergens, and dust mites. Relieving the fibres of this invisible enemy can only be achieved when using heat at over 130f. Regular maintenance will also be beneficial for anyone who has allergies.

Our truck mount can achieve steam temperatures along with powerful vacuum suction.


For this, the customer we have actioned an end-of-tenancy clean for them.

This is what we did.

1/ Vacuum thoroughly. Removing loose debris along with the hair.

2/ As pets had been on the property an odour control was required. For this, we applied an enzyme chemical and then a very strong alkaline solution, lemon in scent. Understanding the capabilities of chemicals and their purpose is essential.

3/ Using steam extraction to recover the true colour.

4/ Drying times were estimated at two to three hours.


My team always provides a fantastic service to domestic and commercial customers.

Regardless of whether you request a quote, discuss one of our services by phone or visit you.

Our members have nearly forty years of industry expertise and are a friendly bunch.

In England, we have two schools, the Ncca and Iicrc. Both are accredited schools in the UK.

We never tire of our training programs, because nobody knows everything. Materials change. We test new solutions that are new to the market. Analyse chemical reactions to fibres side by side. Only quality counts. We don’t cut corners.

We are members of several networks in our industry, where we talk and discuss unusual situations, what came out, and whether it was a success or a failure.

Why would you like to work with my company? What are your advantages? Is it our experience? My attention to detail? Our quality of work? Our state-of-the-art truck-mount and portable machinery or have they recommended us to you? Not all carpet cleaners in Liverpool can claim this accolade.

We have worked for blue-chip companies in the Northwest for over a decade, so we trust our work. We conduct surveys, repairs, and reports.

When we sanitise fabrics for you, we always use every ounce of knowledge and experience.

Those who come to us will be sent to external courses after three months of employment.

Based on the expectations we have, I would like to confirm that all our work meets my very high standards.

All machines are in excellent condition. We have all our devices serviced every six months.

On average, we use 60 ft hoses. We can extend these to over 150 ft if required.

The advantages of this power, which is supported by water pressure, help us remove stains, odours, and dirt and leave your items dry to the touch.

Before any work starts, we hoover. This is a section that some competitors do not perform.

The purpose we do is that deep-rooted sand, grit, and other detached deposits. It can be up to 80% of the loose matter that is held in your fibres. Use a range of chemicals from green products, alkalines, acids, plus gels. Call us your alchemist.

Machines are very precise. We set exact pressure plus temperature to allow deep penetration. To maximise any removal, our machines are powerful so that your fabrics remain dry at any room completion. It usually takes 2 hours for fabrics to dry.

Business operators will only apply this practice if other systems cannot provide similar results. If an institution requires an alternative method, we will advise you of this during the substance measurement.

Every employee goes through a program supported by an experienced employee who observes every step, every decision. If they fail or forget, we have a word in their ear. It is our reputation that counts here.

The first step is a tour of the examination, which confirms what is being serviced, what traces are present, and whether we need to remove odour or urine.

Our survey shows what you can expect after completion.

A typical lounge has four adjacent walls. We move your sofa or small chairs. Our only clause is that we do not move or touch your TV. Our insurance does not cover this.


For this customer, we had to rectify their work. They had rented a machine that the following day the lounge looked worse, full of stains and wicking.

We were dealing with pet odours, drink spillages and a variety of stains.

After vacuuming we applied a really powerful solution, being a 12 on the ph scale.

We agitated this and we allowed this to dwell for ten minutes. After this time, we misted the same solution again. We set water temperature to deliver steam vapour, with the water pressure set at 400 psi.

The reason for the high pressure of steam was that the fibres were long and thick so to penetrate the base upwards this level of pressure was required.

Once completed, we placed two airmovers to speed up the drying times. We left these to run whilst we started cleaning the stairs.

Upon completion we applied a lemon fragrance deodriser.



Urine Removal.

This can be complicated for the untrained person. To eliminate this type of stench is a game of chemistry and experience. Fibres can change colour. They either darken or turn yellow or orange. Darkened patches are normally removed. Re-coloured areas are now bleached and would require a dye.

We have to dig a little deeper to eliminate the odours. Liquids sink and will have penetrated the underlay, which will require more work.

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 How do we eliminate odours?

Smells come in a multitude of fragrances. Wee, vomit, drugs, and pets. Chemicals designed for a specific purpose help in most circumstances. However, we may have to use ozone machines. When a smell is in the walls and ceilings This machine is used in care homes, sometimes end of tenancy properties where a drug smell lingers. You can not mask this. It has to be destroyed.

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Stain Removal

We attended training courses specific to stains. There are shop products that we cringe at when told by a customer what they have used. Searching the internet for the answer to your problem in most instances will not work. Please click here for more information.


Interested in our leather upholstery cleaning service? Hides come in a multitude of textures and colours. Don’t just have a go. Leave this to the professionals. De-greasing your furniture is the first process. We then address stains, such as ink, and dye transfer. Our last phase is to replenish the hide, so it keeps its suppleness. Please click here.


 Ways to contact us for a free quote.

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