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My team are trained in the restoration of furniture. Whether it is your carpet, upholstery, or rugs. This service is available for both commercial and residential customers.

My team has been in the industry now for over twenty years. We have seen every possible problem, so you are in safe hands.

Like any enquiry for any tradesperson, we need information.

We can either visit or get information over the phone. If you have an end of tenancy-, then we require a visit to survey for you. We deal with a variety of issues that require using more advanced techniques.

We use chemistry to remove unwanted dirt and stains. For this customer, they had a blood issue. What we had to do was cold flush under pressure the entire area using cold water.

Using multiple passes to ensure we have removed any excess. Next, we apply a specific stain remover. I would use this for rust marks such as those marks you see near a radiator that has leaked.

Apply the solution sparingly to each blemish and massage this into the fibre. We allow this to dwell to allow the stain to break down. Finally, use hot water extraction to ensure the whole carpet is sanitised and odour-free.

Carpet cleaners in Widnes

Colour changes caused by ongoing traffic is dirt. No matter how much hoovering you do, you will not clean. All you are doing is removing the loose grit and particles.

Fibres also act as a filtration system. Allowing air to flow allows dust and odours to quickly be removed. When they become dirty, they start clogging, which has the negative effect that reducing air flow, thus carpets hold on to odours and grime.

We use an array of alkalines, acids, gels and tricks of the trade to eliminate as much muck as possible.

Only quality solutions are used. We have tried and tested over the years many products and I think we carry a fantastic arsenal to tackle any situation.

When using vapour, this penetrates the fibres from tip to base, allowing maximum extraction.

Not all fabrics can be cleaned in the same way. So when washing clothes, the washing machine has different cycles and temperatures. The same applies to our carpet and upholstery cleaners in Widnes.


So what methods are available?


Steam Extraction

1/Survey to identify the fibre.

2/ Note any stains.

3/ Hoover- Removing as much loose debris such as hair, grit, plus any other particles is better in the vacuum than our truck mount.

4/ We are now ready to apply our solution. This will be alkaline in most instances. Ph scales vary from 8 to 13. The higher the number, the stronger the solution. Please note not all fabrics or fibres can tolerate such high alkalinity levels, so this is where our experience and training come in. We mist the solution and agitate. A dwell time is best to allow the chemicals to break down the grime.

5/ Set up our machinery. What heat shall we use? What water pressure is acceptable for this job? Add acid to the freshwater which leaves fibres at a neutral pH.

Our skill set can be challenged. We have done work where the stains are underneath and may require further treatment.

6/ Normally work from the furthest point in any room and work backwards.

7/ If applicable, groom the fibres back in place.

What are our typical charges? 

Lounges start from £65.00

Through living room starts at £75.00

Prices may vary if we are other treatments are required, such as urine removal or odour neutralisation.

Stairs £30.00

And like anything, more work discounts may be included.

Dry Method

I would use this on water-sensitive filaments. Sisal or Wiltons is a great example.

Let us run through this process.

1/ Vacuum

2/ Apply relevant solutions. This is misted and agitated, so moisture is used.

3/ We now liberally apply the dry compound. This looks like dry sand.

4/  Spread evenly.

5/ A chemical reaction now takes place. Using a crb which grind the compound deep into the fibres. This is now left for twenty minutes.

6/ Vacuum the whole area.

7/ Drying times are normally instant.

Results do vary. Using this method does have its limitations.

Low Moisture

This would be used in large areas such as care homes, hotels and schools.

A specialist rotating machine with a woollen pad attached is the primary tool. We can use heat if required.


Sofa and Furniture Cleaning Widnes

Different chemicals and extraction tools are used. Our survey will help us understand if colours will run or bleed. Doing this will help us use the safest method for you.

All sections are dealt with. Backs, arms, seating, piping, edges.

Dealing with your settee can be time-consuming.

Typically, this would take an hour for 1 three-seater.


 Leather Upholstery cleaners Widnes

Understanding hides is taught to us via the relevant schools. Hands-on teaching before we work on any customer’s leather upholstery. We now have 20-plus years of experience.  

The change in the colour of the hide is down to grease and grime build-up. After testing for colour transfer, we have a process.

1/ Using a very diluted solution of warm water and an alkaline on all sections.

2/ Pat dry

3/ Quality creams are now used.

4/ This cream does two things. 

a- Penetrates the hide opening the pours

b- Nourishes the leather


Rental Machines Widnes

Now, this is the bit I shudder at. The temptation to do the work yourself. The advertisements you view in the shops look great. Cost-wise looks appealing too. But is it worth the headaches which may come with it? 

Let me explain

1/ Collection of the machine at £25.00 per day.

2/ Purchase of shampoo.  £15.00

3/ Stain Remover                £10.00

An initial outlay of £50.00. These prices may vary slightly.

You collect and carry the machine to your vehicle.

Do you know what fibre you have? Will it shrink or distort?

We attend so many customers’ homes where things have gone wrong.

Over wetting is the no1 issue. Moisture trapped in your underlay will cause mildew.

In just a few days, you will notice its smell.

Removing this depends on the severity.

You may only require an enzyme application along with steam and deodorising treatment.

You may be unlucky and be advised that the underlay requires replacing.

Is it worth taking that chance?









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