Infection Control

Preventing the spread of coronavirus.

What is biohazard cleaning?

Our cleaning service is predominantly carried out within suspected areas of infection. This could also be where death has occurred. We deliver this decontamination at care homes, hotels, commercial and residential properties, churches, vehicles, and blood spillages. 

We are seeing an increase in this mobile service from car showrooms, taxis, and people moving into a new property.

A virus is easily transmitted. A sneeze or cough can sadly spread any virus quickly. The droplets of moisture released by the body travel quickly and in different directions. It only takes one particle to infect another.

If you are concerned about Coronavirus and, for peace of mind, want our service, we can help you. Our advice is if several people are congregating the risk of infection increases, then you need to call us.

We use fogging equipment along with microbiological properties to decontaminate.

How long can a virus survive on surfaces?

Very good question. 

Studies are ongoing. We believe that a life span is a few hours to several days. These variants will depend on the internal humidity, temperature, and surface in question.

What is fogging? 

Fogging is a chemical application to disinfect the risk of any health hazards within a contained environment.

There are two forms of fogging available.


This is where the application micron size has a diameter of around 10 microns. 

The advantages of this are:

Usage around electrical items. 


This application has a micron size of 20 or more. This creates a slight moist application. 

With both treatments, we strongly advise each area is left for at least four hours after the completion of any work.

How does cleaning take place?


Before any decontamination cleaning can take place all wipeable surfaces MUST be cleaned removing any visible dirt. You cannot just go into a building and use a fogger. Preparation is key here.

It can be time-consuming especially a large building. We do also suggest we deal with this type of work after hours. At all times we will be wearing protective equipment to ensure all staff do not come into contact with any virus.

Before any works are undertaken, we will need to carry out a risk assessment. We cannot provide quotes over the phone for business premises.

We only approved anti-microbial disinfectants as listed by the NHS

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