Carpet cleaning Northwich

Carpet cleaner Northwich, Cheshire.
Carpet cleaning in Northwich

Our carpet cleaners in Northwich deliver a best-in-class commercial and residential service for all our customers.

When we give you a quotation, this is valid for 30 days. My team has many years of experience behind them, which is not heard of a lot these days. We have learned of businesses that claim to have many years’ of experience when they could be as little as 1-year-old. They are untrained compared to me, having over twenty years within the industry.

We attended recognised courses which are the Ncca and Iicrc. Training is always ongoing. It may be new chemicals to try, different machinery available, or sharing unusual experiences within our network of partners. Discuss unusual situations that only happen once in a blue moon.


Carpet Cleaning in Northwich

So why choose us? What benefits do you partner with us?

Some top insurance companies use us.

My team uses every molecule of knowledge learned. Being experienced with working with your furnishing is what all customers should have.

As a matter, of course, any person who we employ is automatically sent on external training courses such as the Ncca or Iicrc.

Therefore, we are in a proud position to deliver a superior customer experience.


 We use our truck mount and powerful portable machines, chemicals, and experience which are best in class, giving us that advantage over our competitors.

Our machinery is super powerful. vacuums can uplift water from over 100 feet away.

Having this advantage allows us to deliver results such as removing stubborn marks, re bleaching a stain that was needed but pending its fibre type. We first vacuumed every item.

This will release any grit or sand. Opens up fibres to receive, if applicable, our pre-spray chemical alkaline or acid. We also use green products for customers who request this service.

Industrial machines will deliver a controlled pressure of water set to a specific temperature, at the same time removing moisture, leaving items touch dry.

We know this system as hwe or steam extraction which is the most popular system used all over the world. Some companies will only use this system, and would rather walk away from jobs where the material requires a less aggressive procedure. To view a smile on our customers’ faces is like getting a pat on our back. It’s a pleasant feeling, isn’t it?




This customer had an issue with gum transfer. After having some recent work completed at the property, property, the workmen covered the carpets with plastic protection. When they removed it, a film of glue was left.

Despite attempts, they could not remove it.

What we did was use a dedication gel. Diluted in a bucket, we wiped over all the contaminated areas. This was repeated to ensure complete removal.

We then concluded by steam cleaning all carpets.









My team is trained.

Each member has undergone a rigorous training programme along with several months in the field, working side by side with another seasoned expert.

Before any works can begin, we will always carry out a detailed survey of what needs to be dealt with. A survey tells us what we are dealing with, being able to identify any issues such as bleach marks, urine marks. We will discuss with you our findings before we begin with any work.

Rooms have normally four sides. We will move any settee for you so we can work behind your sofa’s normal resting place.

A happy customer will always come back to you. Therefore, we encourage customers’ feedback. Were we on time, was our member of staff courteous, did he explain everything that was on your survey? Were you happy with the results?

I want you to recommend us to your friends.

I strive for excellence in both customer service, plus our workmanship. Why not check out our video customer reviews on our website.

To work with any type of fabric has to be done safely.

We have been in this industry for over twenty years.

As we are an independent company, our costs are lower than national franchises, you see.


Removing urine.

Are you a proud owner of a puppy or dog? Has your family friend had an accident? You have attempted to get rid of the stench. Crawled websites for home remedies that just won’t work? Urine aromas just won’t go away. Has the urine patch gone darker or turned orange or yellow?

How would we help you?

First, we would find out how much urine we are dealing with. We would use our UV equipment and moisture equipment.

The standard steam extraction process can resolve some urine issues with the help to use our urine destroyer chemical, including enzyme products.

More intricate issues may be that the underlay is acting like a sponge in the urine, meaning the removal of the underlay.

In this saturation, the best way we have found is to remove a section of underlay. Sanitise the area, then speed dry, finally replace new underlay, refit, then continue.

If the urine has turned any fibres yellow or orange, this means this area has been bleached.

Some can have this bleach mark re-dyed but depends on its fibres. Fibres that can take a re-colour are wool and nylon.

If another fibre, am afraid this cannot be re-coloured.


Odours and how we remove them.

We become used to odours in our furnishings around your home.

Most of us walk around houses is bare feet.

If you were to get on your hands and knees, what score out of 10 would you give the smell in your fabrics? You may be surprised.

When you have visitors, they will notice this bouquet as they are not used to your home environment.

So how do we remove this from fabrics?

First, we thoroughly vacuum. This opens the fibres and allows any chemicals we used to penetrate deeply. This helps to break down the odour.

Normally this is actioned using steam extraction process, that will, when in allegiance with our chemicals, disintegrate odours at the molecular level. Hot water flushes any solutions and odours away. Solutions we used to destroy smells down at a molecular level. We allow a ten minute dwell time. This chemical cannot be left. We must extract it.

If the dry system is used, the same principle, however. Our dry compound has an inbuilt deodoriser. We would use this if dealing with either Wilton or Sisal products. In no circumstances should you attempt to do this yourself? They will shrink.

Over many years, we have witnessed results of homeowners attempting these only to damage them by shrinking or distorting them. The sad thing is once shrunk, they cannot be re-stretched. We have warned you.



Fabric Upholstery

Just like anything you buy looking after it will make it last.

We advise you to vacuum at least twice a week. This keeps dust, hair plus grit levels under control.

If you have pets, we would strongly advise daily.

Hair dropped onto any fabric will contain odour.

Having your items serviced should be at least every 12 months. More often if you have animals or toddlers at home. We suggest twice per annum.



Leather upholstery

Leather is a luxurious item. When new, it is wonderful to sit on. Over time, like anything, they attract dirt. We can help you with this.

Anyone untrained in this field should not tackle this.



It has happened to all of us.

We drop something, then we pick it up, yet a mark has been left.

Don’t use the man Yana mentality. Deal with this straight await.

Don’t use foams or sprays you can get from a shop, they do not work.

Let me see if you fall into this category.

Spillages happen, you panic, you spray your product onto the area, get a cloth a scrub away. The problem has gone. Job done?

Wrong. What you have done is diluted the stain and spread it. I bet a few weeks later that area that you tried to clean looks dirty again?

What we suggest is this. In a spray bottle, put one-quarter of white wine vinegar, and three-quarters of water. This is your emergency stain remover, which costs you next to nothing to make.

Spray this solution over the area of concern. Let this dwell for a few minutes. You can agitate this gently. Use a white cloth, place it on any stained section, and just stand on it. Stand still. Repeat this process if needed. If you are unsuccessful, please call us.

Our stain removal service is exceptional. Years of training, including experience, have seen our removal skills of oil, asphalt, red wine, tea, and coffee. But please note, although we do our very best to remove any stains, sometimes they can not be removed. These belong to the customer.

 Stain Protection

Why not have them protected. Yes, there is a charge for this.

What does a protectant do?

They only applied this after any process.

A stain guard acts as a barrier against spillages such as liquid and food.

 So you drop a drink such as coffee or tea. This will sit on top of your fibres for a few minutes.

 This will give you time to get a tissue. Just touch the liquid with a tissue, which will absorb any liquid up.


Do you have a question for us?


Have you viewed our customer video recommendations which are on our homepage and contact us page? Should you require a free quote, please get in touch. We are a friendly team waiting to help you. I do not charge for any general enquiry you may have regarding any issues. Our office can take phone calls or emails from 8 am until 10 pm Monday to Saturday, and 5 pm on Sundays. We are fully insured.



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