Domestic and commercial mattress cleaning.

Domestic and commercial mattress cleaning.

Mattress cleaning is one of those mentalities of its ok. It’s not dirty. You will be surprised what lurks in your mattress.

So how old is your mattress?

When it was last cleaned and sanitised? Do you have stains?

On average we spend around a third of their lives in bed.

We all understand the activities which the mattress undertakes.

We sweat. Where does it go? You have a protector, they are not as good as your think.

Adults have sex, and we understand what happens here.

Am sure you get the overall picture.

So what is happening with the mattress?

Unfortunately you will be living with dust mites.

These microscopic creatures can cause havoc on your health.

They interbreed with each other. It is the excrement and their dead skin and carcus which cause the health issues for asthma and skin sufferers.

It is advised by manufactures that it is prudent to clean at least once a year. And more often if you allow your pets on or in the bed.

So what do we do to revive your mattress to a clean and healthy state?

We use a vacuum which has a Uv light built in.

This process kills the dust mite as we vacuum. The UV attacks the protein in them and kills them. However when the top of the mattress is being sterilised we know that some of these creatures will travel elsewhere in the mattress. This is why this first step is actioned on all sides.

The next stage is that we apply a chemical which helps to break down stains. This chemical is gentle agitated using a mitton to ensure all fibres have contact with this cleaning agent. We let this dwell on the more stubborn of stains.

The next stage is to clean.

The machine is set to over 100c so we are dealing with steam. The pressure of the steam is important as we want the mattress to be back in use as quickly as possible, and dry. The pressure we use is normally set at 150psi. The vacuum power is also set to maximum.

This process not only cleans, deodorise, and sanitize, it also captures any remnants of living dust mites.

So much does this service cost you?

Single Mattress              £ 30.00

Double Mattress            £ 40.00

Queen Size Mattress      £ 50.00

King Size Mattress           £ 50.00

Assuming we spend an average of six hours in bed every day, we have spent a quarter of our lifetimes in bed! Given this amount of time and the stains that go along with it, the number of people who don’t know how to clean their mattresses is quite shocking.

There are various cleaning agents that can be used to clean mattress stains and also ways of preventing mattresses from staining. The following are some useful tips on how to maintain your mattress stain-free:

The most effective way of keeping your mattress stain-free is to clean a stain as soon as you spot it. Most people’s first reaction to spotting a stain is covering it. When the stain grows too large, they go ahead to turn it over. This is the easiest way of ruining your mattress. The best thing to do is to clean it right away.

So, how do you do it?

There are many commercially available mattress cleaning agents that work well in eliminating stains. Citrus based cleaning agents are ideal for cleaning out most mattress stains including urine stains. You could purchase any citrus based cleaner or improvise using lemon juice. Soak a clean white towel in a mixture of some amount of the cleaner and water. Press the towel on the stained area for a few minutes while rubbing gently. Leave the area to dry or dry it with your hair dryer.

Some other stains are more difficult to clean and may not be removed by citrus based cleaning agents. If using a citrus based cleaning agent doesn’t work, try using white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, following the same procedure. Remember the stains may not disappear immediately. You could therefore consider regular cleaning until the stain disappears completely.

Another option you consider is bleaching. However, this may leave your mattress with a discoloured patch. You can use this method on hidden areas.

Remember that the most effective way of keeping your mattresses stain-free is preventing them from staining. Simple measures like avoiding taking meals and drinks in bed could be quite helpful.