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If you are looking for the highest standards of steam extraction cleaning at a price with great value, then you are in the right place. Our team can assist you to help with sanitisation of all your furnishings.

Carpet Cleaning St Helens

Our business provides commercial and domestic carpet cleaning services in St Helens and has done for many years now. We aim to give you a pleasurable experience so that you will return to us the next time you need our help.

Did you know we are also experts dealing with leather upholstery, fabric upholstery plus loose rugs? Whatever issue you have, we have probably seen and dealt with it many times before.

So why should you pick up the phone to call us?

When we first began our company, we ensured we were trained at a recognised school.

Both I and the other operatives employed by me attend both the NCCA and the IICRC. These schools educate, give you a hands-on experience in understanding fibres, their construction, the does and don’ts, understanding chemicals and their benefits, the list is endless. And the course is over several days, so it is quite intense, along with daily examinations, theory and practical. Besides all this ongoing training. With over 22 years working with customers like you. So we must do something right to have serviced over twenty-four thousand properties to date.


Such as this picture on the right. Red wine spillage.

This was a repeat customer who contacted us straight away.

To rectify this we had to flush the area with cold water.

This removes excess liquid and contaminants. Once this was done the area went brown. Applying our red wine eliminator, this was liberally applied and left to dwell for 15 minutes. Again, were flushed until no brown colour was visible. Speed dried the area. Next was steam extraction.

Our costing for this was £55.00


When our survey is completed we first hoover.

Hoovering is a very important part of the process. Not everyone in the industry does, and this separates us from the cowboys to the experts. Just this process alone will remove around 80% of the grit held by the fibres. The grit, as you know, are sand-size particles, and if not removed over time will wear the fibre at the base away, and eventually leave a hole, and yes, this is common. Now the conundrum is done I get it repaired or replaced. And for the sake of hoovering your products could cost you hundreds of pounds.

What machinery and chemicals do we use?

We believe that our equipment is up there with the best in the industry. This way, the sheer power guarantees a super deep experience.

What is steam extraction?

This is where water is injected under pressure, with the wand moving back and forth. Simultaneously,  vacuums remove any moisture, leaving fibres touch dry. A popular system used by the world over.

Imagine being able to put your furnishings in the washing machine, well those results are what you can expect from us. We use proven and effective chemicals which help us in all scenarios. Those red wine and tea stains, shaky hands when we paint the skirting board. The dog had an accident or two. Before we will survey the fibres. This helps us ensure the chemical is right for you.

You want a thorough cleaning, don’t you? Well, this is where the power of the machinery comes in. We employ up to 4 vacuums to give colossal suction, as the water pressure blasted into your fibres ranges from 100psi to 500psi, with temperatures water ranging from 30-120c. You will be amazed at what dirt, grease, and grime are removed for you. We do like to show you what level of dirt your fibres have held.

We employ other systems too. The reason for this is that not it can remove everything using pressured hot water.

Some fibres are susceptible to shrinkage. In this scenario, we can choose from either a low moisture technique or, as we call it encapsulation, or the dry method. We would identify the correct process at the point of the survey.

Just like some of your clothes, they need to be dry cleaned so you take them to local specialist as they have the expertise and knowledge. This separated those who will try to do it yourself to employing a professional. If you tried to wash the dry only products, you would experience irreversible damage.

As our business continues to expand, we look for quality personnel to join us

Every new member is given hands-on training in house and we send them on training courses to gain more detailed experience. Once they are qualified by both schools, we can send them out with another fellow colleague. This is helping us deliver the standards we demand all of our customers. Each team member is fully insured as well. Are you aware that we place foam pads under wooden legs? What this does is ensuring that no bleeding transfer occurs during the drying process. The number of homes we attend where other companies have not protected the wood legs. The dye bleed is sometimes permanent.


We want you to come back

We aim to give you an amazing experience with our service. With our eagle eye we look for detail. Our many years of experience in getting fabrics sanitised and stain free to the very best of our ability, we want you to tell your friends and family about us.

We have a Facebook page also where you can contact us on or here is our mobile 07535092879.

Free support 24/7

Our advice is always free. Whether you have a spillage, an odour issue, we can advise on a solution for you. Our mission is to provide the very best service.

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A retired gentleman who used to work in our industry cleaned the above carpets. He worked for one of the well-known franchises.

His good lady contacted us as she was not happy with the work he had done and they still looked dirty and were now smelling.

We were told he worked in the bedroom for nearly an hour. It was just a standard size bedroom with no furniture in it.

Before we started, we took a ph. reading. Chemicals were still clear which was making it look dirty. We call this wicking.

To ensure that we eradicated this issue, a de- browning agent was misted onto the area, concerned.

What this does is reverse the fibre to a neutral ph of 7.5.

We then used warm water. This needs to be done to flush out the left behind chemicals.

We even needed to add a foaming agent to make sure it did not cover our machine vacuums on the left behind chemicals.

Once this has been completed, we then applied two chemicals. The first was odour control. Again, as this is an industrial chemical it only needed to be misted. Our CRB machine then was used to grind in the chemical deep within the fibres.

Our compound was then applied and again misted into the fibre.

The temperature used was 115 Fahrenheit. You may know it as steam extraction. We then work slowly. For every one stroke of steam extraction, three dry strokes were used to vacuum as much moisture up. Taking your time and doing it correctly is the only way we operate.

The customer was over the moon, and they now booked us to sanitise her three-piece suite. The benefits of steam extraction are those unseen products held within the fibres such as dust mites, and allergens including bacteria are eliminated. Leaving you with healthy and sanitised fibres.


Don’t take my word about how good we are. Why not listen to our video customer reviews?


Urine removal can be complicated and should not be attempted by the homeowner. The reason for this is you don’t have the apparatus, training, or chemicals that we have to identify the area causing the smell.

Stain removal is an art. You can not just get any shop product and wipe the mark away. Chemistry plays a crucial role when we attempt to extract problematic marks. An example, coffee. 

This is what we do.

1/ Flush the area with cold water. This gives us a better picture of what we are dealing with. Use an acidic chemical for this removal.

2 Re flush. Now apply our alkaline solution to steam extract your furnishing.

Specific solutions and gels are in our van to assist us with our job.




You may be thinking of renting a machine. Whilst this may save you money there are many pitfalls you should consider.

1/ Is it worth the hassle?

2/ Do I know what am doing?

3/ Will I shrink anything or create a  smell when am done?

4/ Or you call me for a free no-obligation quotation.




 Top Tip!

Ever had chewing gum walked into your property?

Here is a little tip on how to remove it.

1. Dry the chewing gum out for a few minutes using a hairdryer. This will remove any moisture.
2. Place an ice cube on the area, until the gum feels cold. This will make the gum brittle and will allow you to pick the gum out of the fibres. Be careful, and work from the outside to the middle.

Another way to remove chewing gum or other gummy items is this

1. Spray a little wd40 onto the gum
2. Leave this for a few minutes

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