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If you are looking for the highest standards of cleaning at a price with great value, then you are in the right place. Clean My Carpets can help with any cleaning problems you have.

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Carpet Cleaning St Helens

Our business provides a niche commercial and domestic carpet cleaning service for our clients in St Helens and have done for many years now. Our aim is give you a pleasurable experience so that you will return to us the next time you need a carpet cleaning service.

Did you know that we also clean all types leather upholstery, fabric upholstery, and of course rugs? Whatever issue you have we have probably seen and dealt with it many times before.

So why should you pick up the phone and call us?

When we began our company the first thing we ensured that we did was to be trained with a recognised school.

Both I and the other carpet cleaning operatives attend the NCCA, and the IICRC. The schools educate, give you hands on experience on understanding fibres, their construction, the does and don’ts of cleaning, understanding chemicals and their benefits, the list is endless. In addition to all this ongoing training we have over 15 years working with customers like you. So we must be doing something right to be able to clean over twenty thousand carpets to date.

What machinery and chemicals do we use?
We believe that our carpet cleaning equipment is up there with the best in the industry. This way the sheet power of the machinery guarantee a super deep cleaning experience.

Imagine being able to put your carpets or upholstery in the washing machine, well those results are what you can expect from us. We use proven and effective chemicals which help us in all scenarios. Those red wine and tea stains, shaky hands when we paint the skirting board. Before we start any cleaning process for you, we will carry out a survey of the materials to be cleaned. This helps us ensure that the chemical is right for you.

You want a thorough cleaning don’t you? Well this is where the power of the machinery comes in. Up to 4 vacuums are employed to give colossal suction power during the cleaning process, as the water pressure that is blasted into your fibres ranges from 100psi to 500psi, and temperature of the water ranging from 30-120c. You will be amazed at what dirt is removed for you, and yes we do like to show you what level of dirt you have been living in.

As our business continues to expand we look for quality personal to join us
Every new member of our team is given hands on training in house and they are sent on training courses to gain more detailed experience. Once they are qualified by both NCCA, and IICRC, we can then be rest assured that another team member is helping us deliver the carpet cleaning standards we demand for all of our customers. Are you aware that we place foam pads on any wooden legs that you may have. What this does is ensures that no bleeding transfer occurs as your carpet dries out.

We want you to come back
Our aim is to give you an amazing experience with our service, With that eagle eye we have for detail, and our numerous years of experience in getting your carpets cleaned to the very best of our ability, we want you to tell your friends and family about us.

Free support 24/7
Our advice is always free of charge, whether you have a spillage, an odour issue we can advise on a solution for you. Our mission is to provide the very best carpet cleaning service in St Helens.

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Featured Work

Now I mentioned to you earlier about our standards of work. The above carpets were cleaned by a retired carpet cleaner. He worked for one of the well-known franchise carpet cleaning companies.

His good lady decided to contact us as she was not happy with the work he had done. Carpets still looked dirty and smelt.

We were told he worked on the bedroom carpet for nearly an hour. It was just a standard bedroom carpet.

Before we started to clean the carpet we took a ph reading. The carpet still had chemicals within the carpet which was making it look dirty, this is called wicking.

To ensure that we eradicated this issue, a de- browning agent was misted onto the carpet.

What this does is it reversing the ph elements within the carpet to a neutral ph of 7.5.

The carpet then was cleaned with just hot water, this is what needs to be done to flush out the left behind chemicals.

We even needed to add a foam agent to make sure our machine vacuums were not covered on the left behind chemicals.

Once this first process has been completed, we then applied two chemicals. The first was the odour control. Again as this is an industrial chemical is only needed to be misted on. Our CRB machine then was used to grind in the chemical deep within the fibres.

The cleaning compound was then applied and again misted into the fibre.

The machines temperature was at 85c, quite hot water. We then slowly cleaned the carpet. For every one stroke of cleaning, three strokes were used to vacuum as much water up. Taking your time and doing it correctly is the only way a professional carpet cleaner should operate.

The customer was over the moon, and we are now booked in to clean her upholstery.

Clean my Carpets Top Tip!

Ever had chewing gum walked into your carpet?

Here is a little tip on how to remove it.

  1. Dry the chewing gum out for a few minutes using a hairdryer. This will remove any moisture.
  2. Place an ice cube on the area, until the gum feels cold. This will make the gum brittle and will allow you to pick the gum out of the carpet. Be careful, and work from the outside to the middle.

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