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 Another busy week and now it’s time to clean my house. I can always see my efforts pay off when I dust & polish, no matter how much I hoover my carpet it never seems to look any cleaner. 

Does this sound familiar? You questioning yourself as to how clean your carpet is, or when were they last steam cleaned. Today we live in a world were the true meaning of cleanliness next to godliness really does apply.

Ever thought of getting your carpets cleaned professionally by Knutsford carpet cleaners to help lift  embedded dirt held within fibres, grease, grime, stains, odours, and that invisible enemy being dust mites, allergens and bacteria is preventing you from achieving a clean and healthy looking carpet.

We deliver carpet cleaning in Knutsford for all residents and business owners. When you book an appointment with us, we will give you peace of mind that we will care for your furnishing as much as you do, leaving your fibres looking clean. As the saying goes, Steam is Clean.


Our team are fully insured, provide free quotes which are valid for 28 days. We tackle jobs of all sizes, we are always happy to help you achieve a cleaner looking environment to live or work in.

Whichever one of our other services you want to book in for, stain removal, leather or fabric upholstery cleaning, you will feel rest assured that we can help you maintain a cleaner, more hygienic home for you and your family. 

Does your business premise’s need equal care and attention? Our services also offer commercials customers to have their office carpets cleaned, conference rooms, conference chairs 

My carpets are not getting any cleaner, I think I will look for specialist carpet cleaners in Knutsford to do it for me. Log onto Facebook, ask for recommendations, does this sound familiar? Stop for one minute, let’s think about this;

Having trained with Ncca, we have over 20 years’ experience in our industry, my business is built on a wealth of knowledge and experience which we will use to help deliver a top notch  service in both commercial and residential sectors. Unfortunately, this industry is not regulated, therefore anyone can buy a machine and offer their service as a professional cleaner. You need to proceed with caution, the cheapest is not always best!

Here are some questions you may want to think about asking before you book a tradesman to come out to your property to complete the work:

Are you insured? Ask to see their documents, make sure it covers every service you’re wanting, otherwise that shrunken carpet will not be covered if you don’t check it out first.

How long they have traded for? This is essential for stain removal expertise plus techniques for removal.

What cleaning systems will they be using? Research it on the internet to see if what they have advised is true.

Will they guarantee what they preach?

Do they have a signed vehicle? Believe it or not, a Karcher pulled from the back of a car is not going to give you a health clean.

Check their website address, if they are a company they should have a website which will show customer reviews.


This is how we would service your property’s fabrics:


  • I will always survey any work to be carried out, this forms part of our free quotation service we offer, and it also aids my insurance requirements. 
  • I will review room sizes you want to be cleaned so I can hope I can match it to any deals we have running, to be able to give you the best price available. 
  • I will review all marks with you, advising of treatments that may be needed for removal. Not all stains can be removed so I will be honest about what can be achieved with our service should you want to bool an appointment. You can then make an informed decision as to whether you want to go ahead with a clean or buy new carpets. I will ask if you have tried to remove any stains yourself, what you used, you may see me do a litmus test at this stage. 
  • We will discuss urine removal, whether that be human or animal, so I can access the amount of detail to eliminate odours and cleaning solutions for odour removal.
  • I will then explain to you what will be required, how we will carry out the work, and what cleaning solutions I will be using to clean your home. Really important to us that you understand the cleaning methods that we use, using incorrect method could harm your fibres so we have to adapt our cleaning methods to your fabric. I will advise on timescales, approximate drying time, costings, available diary dates if wanted at this stage.
  • As the customer, we then hand over to you, so you can decide if our service is right and our method of cleaning is right for you. We are not pushy salespeople, we would always advise getting a few quotes before making a decision, asking for information we advised you of earlier. 

Our clean would be to destroy any dirt, bacteria, germs, mites that are hiding in your furnishing. Our preferred method of cleaning is by steam extraction which we find gets the best results for a clean and healthy look. Our truck mount is capable of water pressure of 1200psi, however, we would never go over 400 ps. Heated water also helps which we can achieve up to 160c, this is steam. This level of heat will destroy what you can see in the picture below.

Before I finish I would like to tell you a recent experience I had.

I quoted a customer for a full house clean, their carpets were beige wool fibre, never been professionally cleaned. As their property was being put up for sale they wanted to get their carpets cleaned as they were looking for a quick sale, thinking fresh smells would be an added selling point.

Unfortunately, our quote was too expensive, we wished them well. As we mentioned earlier we are not pushy salespeople. Our pricing is based on providing a good quality service. 

A couple of days later I received a call from a competitor asking if I could help them with a job they were doing as they felt something was not right. I asked their location, as I was in Knutsford carpet cleaning already. I advised of timings I would be finished to meet them. 

We go out doing a lot of quotations so it was only when I was pulling up on the driveway did I realise where I was.

What was a beige had turned a slightly yellow colour, moisture levels where 35 when it should be lower than 4. I completed a ph. test, reading was 3 indicating there was acid used during this clean.

After a discussion, I found out this cleaner had no school training, used incorrect solutions, incorrect dilution of chemicals as part of this service. Along with a rental machine, no heat, limited water pressure and a small vacuum, this clean was not going well.

After a discussion with the owner of the property, my chemistry and experience I was able to fix this for all parties, the cleaner was lucky on this occasion it could be reversed as this may not always be the case.



What do we charge?


Here is a sample of our minimum costings with no treatment.


Stairs £30.00

Lounges starting from £55.00 pending size. Both being chemically and steam cleaned.

All quotations are free and valid for thirty days.

Why not have a look at our customer video reviews on our homepage.


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