Rug Cleaning Service

With our professional rug cleaning service, we help our customers ensure theirĀ rugs stands out with itsĀ original beauty and full vibrancy.Ā Using the safest shampoos and methods we ensure we achieve the best possible cleaningĀ leaving your rugs fully rejuvenated, smelling better and brighter!

Professional Rug Cleaning Service

Vacuuming your rugs on a regular basis is a good thing, however they still need to be professionally cleaned by a expert. Your rug will contain oily particles, which attract dust, and most vacuums donā€™t have the power to succeed.

They are a breeding ground for allergens and dust mites which are not visible to the eye.

Your loving dog probably sleeps on your rug, you have spilt drinks and food.

RugĀ Cleaning Process

Having your cleaned correctly is a must for every household. We have cleaned Rugs costing a few hundred pounds to many thousands, heirlooms.

Our extensive training allows us to deliver the best possible clean for your rug.

We always follow our procedure:

  1. Inspection – This allows us to identify problem issues such as colour discolouration, urine, food, drink stains.
  2. Stains – Not all stains are removable, as they may have either been sealed into the fibres or bleached.
  3. Rug dusting – When we dust a rug we turn the rug over and place this onto grills which are raised off the ground. A vibrating plate is then passed over the rug. This releases the grit, sand and any other particles of dust.
  4. Vacuuming your rug – The rug is then vacuumed thoroughly which allows the opening the fibres.
  5. Chemical application – The rug receives the appropriate chemical which is then agitated into the fibres and left to dwell for 10 minutes.
  6. Our cleaning process – Depending on the rug this will either be cleaned BY using hot water extraction, or river cleaning.Ā  Once the rug is cleaned the edges or and fringes are attended to.
  7. Drying process – All rugs are then hung to dry. Warm air is blown onto the rugs until the rug is dry.
  8. Final inspection – Your rug is re inspected. Once we are satisfied we then wrap your rug up and contact you for collection or delivery

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Russ at Clean my Carpets brought life back into what we believe to be a ruined carpet. They have come up soft to touch again and as clean as when they were new

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