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Carpet cleaning in Skelmersdale is a regular occurrence. Working in people’s homes is a privilege, and for that reason, we work as though we were cleaning our own furnishings. We only use the best possible solutions, aided by our truck-mount and portable machinery.

I have been in this industry for 22 years now. As I get older, it seems that I am getting busier and busier. Some may say it is because of a lack of competition, but I would say that reputation and word of mouth are the best forms of advertising.

Not all Skelmersdale carpet and upholstery cleaners have had any training, nor are they insured. When learning our trade back in 2000, we attended two training schools, NCCA and IICRC. We are educated in the best and most effective methods to deliver the best results.

Identification of fibres is the most critical aspect. Understanding what we are dealing with ensures we use the correct methods and chemicals.


Skelmersdale Carpet Cleaners

For this customer, they contacted us based on a recommendation. They advised that they had two dogs and would the smell go. The other reason was there was a mum-to-be, and it was she who wanted us to come and clean the carpets for her.

We use powerful deodorisers that neutralise odours. We were working in all the rooms of the property. Each room was treated with the odour chemical making the property smell of lemons.

Steam extraction was the method used here. This is where water is heated beyond boiling to produce a vapour. This vapour can then penetrate the fibres removing the grime and stains.

Using back-and-forth strokes to capture all the dirt whilst the vacuums recover around 95% of any moisture, leaving items touch dry

Drying times are normally 2/4 hours depending on the length of the fibre and the humidity of the room.

To improve drying times, we place an air mover in the centre of the room. This speeds up the drying times considerably.



Many homes have dogs but with our pets come accidents.

We deal with this type of problem daily. However, certain situations are worse than others.

The basic will be it can be extracted with the clean.

Severe cases require the underlay to be removed and replaced.

You have to remember liquids sink.

Upholstery cleaners Skelmersdale

Sofa cleaning can be intricate. We use different solutions as the fibres are more delicate. Reduced water pressure to around 150 psi and just warm to hot water.

Preparation is important. After a vacuum, use a pump to spray the solution evenly. Using either a drill brush or a nylon brush, we massage this. We want to see a soapy film that indicates the dirt is breaking down.

We can now proceed. Starting at the rear of the furniture and working towards the sides. Next, we concentrate on the headrests, and then seating. Lastly, the arms.

To ensure we have captured everything, we inspect our work with our camera. If a section requires a second visit we do this.

Finally, we wipe down all the fabric using clean, white terry towels. The reason for this is it renaps the fibres, and shows if any dirt has been transferred. If so, we re-clean that area again. The terry towel should have no dirt on it when completed.

Air movers are also used to speed-dry the furniture. They can be bone dry in a little as 30 minutes.





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