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If you are looking for the highest standards of cleaning at a price with great value, then you are in the right place. Clean My Carpets can help with any cleaning problems you have.

Carpet Cleaning Warrington

My company is a premier residential carpet, upholstery and oriental rug cleaning service for everyone in the 01925 dialling code.

I have been steam cleaning carpets in Warrington since 2001, and started my company in 2005. We always provide the best service possible for our clients.  Your one stop cleaning experts for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. Whatever your issue, we have the experience and knowledge to handle it.

Carpet Cleaners in Warrington

What are the benefits are using our cleaning services?

We are have trained and qualified with both the IICRC and Ncca

We are qualified and experienced in cleaning all types of fibres. Trained by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification standards, and the National Carpet Cleaners Association, two of the largest carpet UK training schools. Using our IICRC certified technicians we are able to offer the best carpet cleaning service in Warrington.

The finest Equipment and Products with Zero Residue

Our powerful equipment will provide you with the meticulous deep cleaning we love to deliver. We use only the very best chemicals to get out the most complex stains and odours removed from your carpets.  We pre-spray all areas to be cleaned, followed by a thorough PH oriented rinse that insures there is no residue left over to cause your carpets to re-soil.  We are experts at thrilling our customers with exceptional results!

Qualified Carpet Cleaners

Each technician is skilled and certified to meet your needs in any service requested.  You will never have one of our cleaning technicians walk into your home without first conducting and initial survey and then listening to you about the problems you want to solve.  We place foam blocks under large pieces of furniture to protect any dye transfer during the drying process.

We Guarantee Satisfaction!

We will provide the best quality customer service.  With exceptional attention to detail, our area of expertise is making your carpets and furniture look as good as possible.  Our number one goal is to clean your carpets safely and to make sure you are 100% satisfied!

Free support 24/7

We provide free advice on spills or problems, so give us a call day or night.  We can advise you on what to do, or not to do, if you have a problem with a spillage, flood, broken pipe or any other related problems. Our mission is to continue to offer the very best service for carpet cleaning in Warrington.

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Featured Scenario’s

You have a small child that play with a felt tip pen on your carpet. What would you do?

We have attended homes were the customer has rubbed the carpet that much the backing is showing through, and is now damaged.

That same child walks in blue tack or chewing gum. By the way, we have a blog on how to remove chewing gum right here.

How would you remove It.? Pick at it, freeze it? You would probably end up pulling some fibres away.

We carry chemicals that would dissolve those stain products and then we would flush the away so no remnants can come back. Whether we are dealing with hesium or foam backed products

And hey Mum or Dad, got a cream carpet with RED wine on it? That’s not good.

If this happens to whatever you do don’t panic. Just BLOT, BLOT what you can and give us a call.

A recent Warrington job

A customer from Chapelford Village, Warrington, had contacted us as her Rottweiler bitch dog had wet the carpet and that in her words the place stinks. On an initial inspection the urine had penetrated the carpet, through to the underlay and into the subfloor itself, which was concrete. Concrete is a porous product and absorbs moisture and to eradicate this smell we had to start at the bottom and work our way up.
The underlay was removed and subfloor was sanitised and the reverse side of the carpet was also treated. The following day, we left two air movers which would help remove some of the odours by literally blowing them away.

We attended the following day and the room did smell better but the smell was still there, held within the fibres of the carpet.

A PH reading was taken from the concrete which read as normal and doing the old hands and knees smell test, could not smell any urine.

The new underlay was cut to size and refitted. All the furniture was at one end of the room.

The carpet was re-fitted and we still had the wee smell. A special anti-micro biological solution was applied. Now normally after ten minutes this normally destroys any odour. It didn’t.
Drastic measures had to be taken. The chemical product was put on neat. Now the smell of this product is like pear drops, and takes your breath away if you’re in the same room as it when applied neat.
We had to leave the windows open, and run the air movers for 30 minutes.
On returning all we could smell was a slight aroma of pear drops and no smell of wee.
Although the smell had gone, the carpet still needed cleaning.

The same solutions that I use in my home were applied to the customer’s.
This was then agitated into the fibres. We left this to dwell whilst our machine was set up.
The PSI, or how hard the water would hit the carpet was set at 350. The temperature on this occasion was at 90f.

We worked slower than normal until the whole room was completed. Air movers were then put in the doorway and left for ten minutes to aid the drying time.
And the smell? Gone!

The customer was so happy that she gave us a video review which you can find below!

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