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We have been Carpet cleaning Altrincham daily.

My team are all trained to the highest of standards. Qualified with both the Ncca and Iicrc.

Every day we tackle stains and odours to urine removal.

So what is the process when it comes to dealing with your furniture?


Our carpet and upholstery cleaners in Altrincham are trained to identify the fibres we are dealing with. Manmade or natural or a combination.

Some are very difficult to work with and require different methods of cleaning such as silk, viscose, wool, and Wiltons. To identify we use either the burn or float test or a combination of both.

Our detailed methods ensure that we not only use the correct method but also the correct chemistry. We do this as this is part of our insurance policy.


Chemicals we use

Only quality products are used. Alkalines, acids and gels are what we use daily.

Each has its purpose. By eliminating smells, and relinquishing stubborn marks, ground in dirt.

We use these same items in our own home.


Steam Extraction

This is the process of water spraying into fibres under pressure. Dependant upon what is to be cleaned dictates what pressure to use. Upholstery is normally around 150psi, whereas carpets are on average around 300psi. Heat can be controlled from cold water to temperatures of 120f.

When fibres have steam vapour injected and vacuumed out at the same time, the heat also eliminates dust mites, bacteria, and allergens.

Low Moisture

We use this method on commercial properties where areas are of a larger area. A bonnet machine will be used. At the base is a rotary head that has a wool pad. This rotates back and forth cleaning things such as carpet tiles. Little solutions are used however the chemical reaction takes place when friction is caused on the fibres by the pad.

The pad is changed regularly so as not to transfer dirt.

Dry Method

Silk and Wiltons are the common fabrics where this system is used as they are prone to shrinkage with a wet method.

After a thorough hoovering to remove any loose grit a mist of a solution is applied. Next, the dry compound is applied. This looks like wet sand. These are tiny sponges which have a cleaner and deodoriser corporated into them We agitate this using a CRB (counter rotating brush machine).  Allowing for a dwell time of twenty minutes.

After this time has lapsed were vacuum all the particles. Moving the hoover in all directions to capture all the now dried spongers. This method does have limits on the cleaning success compared to other methods available.

Sofa Cleaning  Altrincham

We always survey to identify the fabric. In most cases, these can be wet cleaned.

A gentle vacuum removes dust and grit.

Applying the appropriate solution. This is applied via a spray and then agitated using a brush or cloth. We repeat this process to ensure complete coverage.

Working from the back to sides, arms to headrests, piping to skirting.

This is intricate work and time-consuming.

Once work is completed we use a clean white towel to remove any further moisture. Drying times vary but on average it takes around four to six hours. We can speed up this by using air movers.


Leather Cleaning

This material needs looking after. The hide if not serviced by a trained operative can dry out. We use quality creams and solutions to restore your leather sofa.

Urine Removal

The most common extraction is from pets however we do get human accidents as well.

Like any liquid when spilt it sinks so it is imperative that when these incidents happen you act quickly.

We attend so many properties where the stain has turned black. This in most instances is removable. If a yellow or orange mark has appeared this means a bleaching incident has occurred and this is not removable.

Along with this comes the smell. Some can be potent.

We carry with us powerful enzymes and deodorisers which in most cases are sufficient to conquer the problem. In more difficult situations, we may need to uplift your carpet and remove the underlay.


From asphalt, chewing gum, blood wine spillage, water spillage, paint, excrement and food we have a solution. Although a lot of blemishes will be extracted some may require a little more persuasion. Chemistry is key to the difficult more stubborn marks, and this is where our training and over 20 years of experience help us. 


As mentioned earlier we have some great products which can neutralise smells. These range from vomit, urine, drink spillages and more.


Biohazard Accidents

This is not common but it does happen. We attend to around 10 of these accidents a month. Normally caused by being old, on mediaction and cant get to the toilet, or colostomy bags have burst. This is something you should not be emabarrassed about. We use dedicated solutions along with steam extraction to clean and sanitise.

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

When rental properties lease expire most landlords expext a professional service. Whether this be for residential or commercial customers we will always visit to survey the work to be carried out. 

Renting a Machine

When we get that phone call to ask for our assistance. What do I mean?

You have tried to do the work yourself and well, the results are not what you expected.

Everything looks the same, stains have appeared which were not there before, still wet after 24 hours, and it now smells.

Doing it yourself sounds good. They advertised that anyone could clean their furnishings.

What are the costs?

Machine £24.99 per day

Solutions would be £30.00 minimum.


So for £54.99, you can do it yourself. But remember you have to collect and return the item.

For a penny more we could steam clean your lounge carpet, pending size.


Our carpet cleaners in Altrincham are on hand to answer any enquiries you may have and all quotations are free.


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