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Our goal is to provide the very best commercial and residential carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning service for every one of our customers in Newton Le Willows. Did you know that all our quotations are free and valid for 30 days?

The Clean my Carpets team has many years of experience in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry and is told we are envied by many of our competitors. Not all operators attend the insurance-backed courses. Training is always ongoing. New chemicals, and new types of fibres to deal with. 

Carpet Cleaners in Newton Le Willows

What are the benefits are using our services?

We ply our trade for the insurance industry

Our team has the experience and knowledge of dealing with any carpet, having attended training schools such as the NCCA, and the IICRC. These are the top training schools in the Uk. We are in the position to provide the best carpet cleaning service in Newton Le willows

We use the best machinery and chemicals to provide great results, giving the deepest cleaning of your fibres possible.

Our powerful machinery always provides the deepest penetration possible, using the latest chemicals which help us achieve the removal of most stains, and some nasty stubborn stains, We treat with the relevant pre-spray which is alkaline-based is neutralised with an acid rinse.


Our team is fully trained.

All of our team have the benefit of being trained and have the experience to achieve your needs for all our cleaning services. The very first point to be addressed is our survey. This will help us understand what stains need to be tackled, and have a chat with you about any issues you may have. We move upholstery back and forth so we can clean all areas. In the event you have tables and chairs, we place silver foil blocks under the legs. This prevents any bleeding from wood.

We aim to make you happy.

Customer service is paramount to us. With attention to detail, our dedication is to make your furnishings look their very best. Our top goal is to ensure that your carpet is cleaned safely and that you are satisfied with the work we deliver.

We have been delivering our service in Newton Le Willows for a long time now. Being a family-owned business that gives our customers what they need within an affordable budget.

Do you have any questions for us?
Questions and answers are free of charge so if you have had a spillage or general concerns about stains please call us. We are open from 8 am and take calls up to 10 pm.


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Steam cleaning carpets in Newton Le Willows

Featured Newton Le Willows Job

A farmhouse required some TLC. The owner had given up on their carpets because of the constant grubbiness. The client had tried themselves without any success. The frustrated customer had spent a whole day cleaning, but they looked just as dirty and smelly.

So hiring the machine and chemicals cost the customer £65.00, and besides that, had to trek to the hire shop.

On attending the customer’s home, the client advised they had cleaned the carpets two days prior, and they were still wet.

We advised the customer we could return the next day, so to assist with the odour, two air movers were left. The purpose of these powerful machines is they blow the moisture and odour from the fibres of the carpet and assist with the drying.

The following day, our first job was to check the moisture levels in the fibres. The moisture was at zero. To assist with the problems, the customer had an odour neutraliser applied liberally and left to dwell for 15 minutes. As this process was taking place, we set up our machinery.

We were dealing with a wool mix, so to ensure total safety, the chemical we used was a wool-safe product.

As mums are aware, when you wash woollen clothes, the temperature has to be reduced to stop any chance of shrinking,


The trick to achieving our high standards is the quality and dwell time of the chemicals we use. Our customer said it was as if the carpet had been put in the washing machine.

Featured Job – Has your canine mate had that unexpected accident?

As a nation of animal lovers, we have all experienced or know someone who has a pet who, during their time with us, has had a wee on the carpet or even worse. In this job, the customers’ pets got excited and wet everywhere. As the panic set in, they scrubbed frantically, only to move the odour around the carpet.

Again this was a woollen carpet, and extra care is needed to be used. We checked the backing to understand the construction. Using our years of experience, our survey warned us that any over-wetting may distort the fibres.

Cleaning carpets is a science and sometimes we need to be a little very vigilant in our usage of the chemicals we use. The carpet itself had blackened where the urine had dried. What we provided first of all to the customer was the assurance we could remove the smell and dirt.

As the customer had used solutions from the supermarket which caused and made the carpets worse. So how did we achieve these results?

The chemical used was a neutral chemical specifically manufactured for wool. Once this had been applied, we used a machine called a CRB. This is like you being on your hands and knees scrubbing your carpet. Our CRB machine allows us to also revive the fibres which are crushed.

The CRB massages the chemical to the base of the fibres which helps release the dirt.

The water temperature is set to 30c. We split the areas, as this process is a little slower than normal using multiple dry vacuum passes. A dry vacuum passes to recover as much moisture as possible, allowing fibres to dry quickly. Was the customer happy with the results?

The customer was so pleased with the results we have been invited to work our magic on their upholstery and rugs in the New Year.

How to Remove Makeup, and Mascara from your carpets.

This customer wanted us to try and remove an accident she had with her makeup bag, along with steam cleaning the bedrooms, landing, and stairs.

The main area of concern was on the landing and a few areas on her stairs.

She had attempted lifting these stains with no success using washing-up liquid.

To have any success, the contaminated areas were flushed with cold water. A defoamer chemical was poured into our recovery tank to control the washing-up liquid we were going to extract.

We always use cold water when removing any stains. This ensures that we are sealing the stain in the fibres and just flushing the remnants of the customer’s attempts.

Once flushed, our alkaline solution was liberally applied and tampered with. This was allowed to dwell for a few minutes.

Each stain was then addressed. Some spots were removed straight away. The more difficult areas needed a more drastic approach.

Understanding what you are attempting to eliminate is very helpful. However, training and experience is the best friend you can have.

The drastic approach

Well as makeup contain carbons and petroleum, our sneaky friend WD40 is what we used to finally finish this job.

Spray on, then a quick flush. A very happy and relieved customer.



So how much does it cost to have your carpets cleaned?

Our charge for a living this size in the photograph below was £55.00.

For this, the customer received steam extraction along with a post-deodoriser application.



steam cleaning carpets newton le willows

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