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Established for more than 10 years, Clean My Carpets provide first class carpet & upholstery cleaning throughout the North West of England.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

We provide several different cleaning methods ranging from hot water extraction to the Dry cleaning Extraction and also Hand cleaning methods which depends on the type of fibre, level of soiling and relevant staining.

For all natural, synthetic woven and non-woven carpets and carpet tiles, we use the correct cleaning method to restore their colours and beauty, removing the embedded soiling, unseen bacteria, dust mites and pet dander from your valuable investments.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in the North West

Carpet Cleaning Process

Our team of carpet cleaning experts will inspect your carpet. We will identify any potential or permanent stains and give you our evaluation of expected results. With our cleaning equipment combined with the best cleaning chemicals available, the cleaning process provided will ensure your carpets are cleaned to the highest of standards.

The majority of carpets which are cleaned use the hot water extraction system. This system allows us penetrate deep within the carpets fibres. This is favoured by professional carpet cleaners all over the world. As a rule of thumb a carpet should be dried within 4 hours. This may increase or decrease pending the temperature of the room the carpet is cleaned in, the type of carpet, and length of the carpets fibres. We always try to ensure a speedy drying time by using our air movers.

If a customer require their carpets dry cleaned the advantage of this allows the carpet to be used straight away after cleaning as the carpets will be 99% dry. This system cannot guarantee the removal of stains, or eliminate bacteria. When using this system this predominantly is used to clean Belgium Wilton carpets. The reason for this is that if the backing of this carpet gets wet it will shrink the carpet.

This is why a carpet inspection is an absolute necessity.

With so many different types of carpets made today, it is so important to employ an experienced carpet cleaner. Carpets today are mass produced being made from or contain the following materials: Nylon, Acrylic, Cotton, Silk, Sisal, Polyester, Wool, and Linen..

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Featured Job (Before & After)

This client called us out to their hotel after they found a resident had vomited on the carpet at the side of the bed. (Not a pleasant picture I know!). After a little while focusing on this area, we were able to remove all the stain and odour and leave the carpet as good as new.

This is a very common type of stain. After all, I’m sure many of us have come home after a few too many, and been left with something to clean up in the morning.

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Russ at Clean my Carpets brought life back into what we believe to be a ruined carpet. They have come up soft to touch again and as clean as when they were new

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