Odour Removal Service

With our professional odour removal service, we help our customers ensure their homes, business premises and vehicles are odour free.

Odour Removal Service

 We can all become nose blind when it comes to the odours in the home, workplace or confined areas such as your car.

The typical odours we deal with are in care homes, business premises, fire restoration, restaurants, and vehicles.

So how can we help you with the odours problem you have
The best barometer is your nose, although we do have a mechanical device that can also be used to measure odour levels.

When working in care homes the smell can be removed from the carpet however smells over time get into the walls and ceiling.
Our treatment of odour removal can be a lengthy process depending on the odour.

A typical care home bedroom would receive a treatment that takes 45 minutes. So what is odour removal and how does it work?

Ozone destroys odour at the molecular level.

The ozone particles react with the molecules causing the odour. It is the additional oxygen atom which ozone has which will attach itself to other molecules which in turn will then change its structure and this is what destroys the odour.

In a simpler explanation, it would be like a nut being the odour, the ozone comes into contact with the shell, attacking the shell, making the shell degrade, the cell structure would then break and decompose.

So you have bought a car, it smelt and you thought you could remove the odour and couldn’t.

Please note that we are not vehicle valeter.

When it comes to the removal of odour from vehicles we use the following process.

All internal cleanable areas of a vehicle have our odour removal chemical applied and then this is removed via our hot water extraction system.

Once this process is complete we then start the ozone process.

The normal process takes around three hours, however depending on the severity may take longer.

We charge typically £180.00 to remove odour from vehicles.

Are you a smoker?

To remove this type of odour will involve washing down any or all porous floors, walls or ceilings with our odour application. Once this is complete the room or rooms are then treated with our 2nd treatment. The time process will vary on the size of a room to be treated.

Care homes

We want our loved ones to be in a clean environment so if you think that an odour exists we can help.

The treatment may involve carpet cleaning, along with the same process as if you were a smoker. A typical cost for a care home bedroom would be £150.00


Probably the first thing we notice when we enter a restaurant is an odour. Such as grease smells coming from the kitchen which makes their way to the eating areas.

Again the process is the same as care homes. As for cost, this varies depending on the size of the establishment.

So you now know that if you have an odour that you have tried to remove and it is causing you distress we can help.

The ozone machine we use

When using our machine we have to ensure that no person or animal is in the same room. All windows are shut, any opening is covered up. We control the device via remote control. The cycle lasts for 45 minutes. Once the treatment cycle has begun we cannot stop.

A total of 8000mg of ozone is released per hour

The machine which we use releases ozone particles. Ozone is three oxygen atoms placed together. The oxygen we breathe are two oxygen atoms. The device releases millions of electrical pulses.

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We was experiencing a strong stale smoke smell when we moved into our new home. The carpets and curtains all smelled awful. After Clean my Carpets did their thing, the carpets smell incredible again. Thanks Russ!!

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