Chewing Gum in Carpets

We all know that chewing gum or blue tack can be one of the toughest things to remove from your carpet, if it’s picked up instantly then all will be fine. Once it’s pressed into the fibres of the carpet however, it’s a different story! With a little bit of knowledge you can get that frustrating mess off your carpet. There are various methods to use which will share with you to get rid of that chewy mess.


The old classic remedy to getting gum out of your hair was always peanut butter. This method works just as well on removing gum from your carpet. Apply 1 teaspoon (approx.) of peanut butter onto the gum and rub gently. Wipe up with a damp cloth. If a little residue is left behind, remove it with a cloth and soap and water.


The reason why peanut butter works so well is due to the oil that it contains. Apply a teaspoon of oil to the area and remove the gum with your fingers. The oil will reduce the gum’s stickiness. Clean afterwards with a cleaning agent and hoover. Do be careful when using this method as it could possibly stain the carpet so only use oil as a last resort.


Ice is one of the simpler techniques. It is always readily available and works well at removing gum. Press the ice against the gum to make it brittle. This will make it a lot easier for you to remove the gum by scraping it off the carpet.


A small amount of WD-40 sprayed onto the gum will allow you to remove it with your fingers. Remove the spray afterwards with a damp cloth. It is important that you thoroughly remove the WD-40 as it is flammable. Like oil, you should try other methods before attempting this.


Let the vinegar soak into the gum and the carpet fibres for about 15 minutes. Remove the gum carefully by scraping with a knife. Try a test patch first though, because vinegar can sometimes make carpet colours run.

If you’ve tried several of these methods and the gum is still clinging stubbornly to your carpet, call us here at If you live in the North-West of England, let our professional carpet cleaners take care of the job for you. Get in touch and we’d be happy to help!

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