Cleaning Carpets or Other Fabrics is a Science

Cleaning Carpets or Other Fabrics is a Science

Carpet and upholstery cleaning are trained to understand the chemicals, their reactions to certain fibre’s. A chenist shall we say. Today we were visiting a warrington customer. We had visited this lady several years ago.The customer was the proud owner of two puppies.These little horrors were the reason for.
after the initial inspection the carpet was and did look in a very poorly way. A test area was used to determine if the carpet could at all be cleaned and look better than it did. Away we go. The carpet was hoovered thoroughly which took us around 15 minutes to complete.
The chemical we used to apply to carpet is normally 1/50 ratio, however as this carpet was in such a state the chemical ratio was 1/43.
Once the chemical was applied to the carpet it was allowed to dwell for 5 minutes. We then grind the chemical into the carpet fibre’s. The reason for this is allow the chemical to penetrate allowing a deep a thorough clean, As the customer had pets and there was a slight animal odour a further chemical was applied to the carpet being an odour eliminator. This does what is says on the tin. Eats odour smells.

We set up the machine, topped up with hot clean water, and in the fresh tank added a few caps again of the odour eliminator.

Placing the odour eliminator in the machine was allowing us to be able to blast the carpet fibre’s with hot fresh water, removing all the dirt, stains and odour’s.

During the clean we took several pictures and two video’s which can be viewed on our website.

Why should you get you carpets cleaned at least once a year by Warrington carpet cleaners?People, families get used to things, including the dirt in their carpets, and upholstery.

Hoovering on a regular basis may keep a lot of the grit and dust away, however its still not enough.You wash your clothes on a regular basis so why don’t you clean your carpets on a regular basis,Carpet and upholstery are a major investment in your home, so really we need to look after them.Spending several pounds each year will keep your carpets healthy, clean, and fresh.

Family’s often include children and animals.Your children crawl on the carpets, the dogs and cats sit, and sleep on the carpets and furniture too. They bring in germs , bacteria from the outside world.Now I know we all love our pets dearly, but again you get used to the smell.
To help clean your carpets warrington carpet cleaners use a proven and effective cleaning system on both your carpets and upholstery.

After vacuuming we apply a strong but safe alkaline pre conditioner to either your carpets or upholstery.

This is then agitated deep into the fibres and left for several minutes for the cleaning process is started.

Our cleaning system is the hot water extraction system. This process blasts away the dirt, detergents, dust mites, from your carpets and upholstery.

The result is soft, fresh , fresh smelling carpets in your home. We aim for an excellent carpet clean. We don’t just visit Warrington to clean carpets , we are also carpet cleaning in Lymm, and carpet cleaning in Newton Le Willows.

Carpet cleaning Costs How often do you clean your clothes? Is it when you have worn then for a day. Why do you clean your clothes? To keep them clean , dirt, and odour free. This is the same reason why you should also clean your household furnishing. People get used to the odour, and dirt contained with their carpets and upholstery. Even if you hoover on a regular basis it is advised that you have your carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months depending on your family situation.

Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive, however replacing carpets and upholstery can be expensive and unnecessary. So you are reading this and thinking I will get my carpets cleaned. I will go and hire a machine myself. Lets look at the costs. Hiring a rug doctor. Travel to the local rug doctor centre , normally a diy , or supermarket Deposit to be left, costs are different Daily costs – around £18.00 Purchase of chemicals = anything upto £30.00 So an initial outlay of around £60.00 Return the machine all cleaned out.

You clean the carpets yourself. Are you trained? Do you understand the correct technique to clean carpets? The chemicals you purchased to clean the carpets what ph are they? Have you been advised how to ensure that the fibres are left with a ph 7 when you have finished the carpet cleaning. You may even damage or shrink your carpet.

The machines your hire themselves are not that powerful, and there is a good chance that you will over wet your carpets and upholstery, so you will probably have to wait a few days for the carpets and upholstery to dry out. Professional carpet cleaners like Widnes carpet cleaners have powerful machines were carpets and upholstery are dry normally in 2-4 hours. Having the power with carpet cleaners in widnes will ensure that no odour or smells will appear.

Hiring experienced carpet cleaners like widnes carpet cleaners has many benefits.

Professional, insured, experienced , quality chemicals, powerful machines, . Have you ever tried to clean a flight of stairs with a rug doctor. You cant. It can only clean flat carpeted area’s. Costing for a flight of stairs is normally £30.00 Living Room £60.00 Total £90.00
Yes dearer than hiring a machine, but we can have the job done in less than an hour.

Untrained and using a rental machine 2-3 hours. We have known people take all day to clean one room.

Carpet cleaning in Warrington and Lymm Most households do not prefer having carpet floors because of high maintenance and routine cleaning. But if you already have invested in an expensive carpet flooring, you probably are left with no other option but to keep your carpets clean and moist. Without regular cleaning, your carpets can attract bacteria and dust, which could cause severe health problems for your family.

Carpets can absorb moisture in the environment and attract bacteria, dust mites, molds and various other kinds of pests. Thus, it is important to make sure that you get your carpets cleaned at least twice a year to maintain high level of hygiene at home. Most importantly, you need to hire the best company. Clean My Carpets are considered the best Lymm carpet cleaners, and Warrington carpet cleaners.

Before your loving family members and pets start getting sick, you must take strict actions to prevent disease and maintain a healthy family environment.

Most commonly used methods for carpet cleaning include

● Hot water extraction

● Dry cleaning

● Steam cleaning

● Foam Carpet Cleaning

● Bonner Method

By providing safer solutions and faster drying times, Clean My Carpets takes pride in being one of the most reputed name in the industry. With professionals from the company, you’ll never have to worry about chemicals or mold building up in your carpets. This means a healthier home. Their solution and services provide the safest possible carpet cleaning for your home and business.

Why Choose Clean My

● Fast Drying

● Green & Eco-Friendly

● Advanced Cleaning Technology

● Most Stains Eliminated

● Same Day Service Available

● Professional Certified Technicians
Let’s take a look at the steps of the procedures involved in the company’s basic carpet cleaning system. It is a procedure including six simple steps. The company guarantees to provide the most effective and advanced cleaning methods in the market.

1. The first step involves pre-inspection. In this step, experts evaluate the condition of your carpet and suggest effective cleaning measures. In this step, the fabric, fibre, stains and visible pots are analysed

2. The second step involves pre-conditioning. In this step, your carpet is deodorized and hot detergent is applied on it to attain immediate reactions. The selection of detergent is based on the specific fibre.

3. Powerful hot extraction machine is the third step that is carried out in this cleaning system. It is done by the use of latest and state of the art equipment

4. The carpets are pre-vacuumed with high quality hospital grade filtration system. In this step, almost 70 % of dry soil is removed through dry vacuuming.

5. The fifth step is the Agitation, in which the rotary agitation cleans up to 50% of the soil from the carpet fibres.

6. In the last step, the carpets are dried by removing the standing water. This helps in reducing the drying time, making your carpet 20 percent brighter.

Clean My Carpets are considered the best Lymm carpet cleaners. The company offers affordable services. If you are looking for quality cleaning services and fear the risks involved, then look no further. With guaranteed satisfaction from, you will never experience any problems.

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