Different carpet cleaning methods and their benefits

Let’s firstly explain the differences

The Carpet Dry Cleaning Method

Well the dry carpet cleaning method using little moisture

The dry-cleaning method uses virtually no water. The way this operates is the carpets receives a light spray of pre spray followed by what are sand size sponges. This is then driven into the carpet by a crb machine. When the pre spray and dry compound come together a chemical reaction occurs which they start to absorb the dirt and odour from the carpet. After ten minutes this can then be hovered up. The benefits of this system allow immediate access to a dry carpet. Also this method is used on carpets with natural fibre carpets such as Wilton, or sisal.

The Bonnet Cleaning Method

This method of carpet cleaning can be confused with the dry carpet cleaning method. This is not the case. The bonnet cleaning system use cleaning chemicals mixed with water. Soaked in a bucket then wrung dry and then attached to a bonnet machine and the pad rotated over the carpet area. When the pad becomes dirty the pad is cleaned and re used. This is used for very low profile carpets. You must understand that this method only cleans the surface of the carpet, Not the middle or bottom, and seen as an intermediate cleaning, between deep cleaning.

The so called green cleaning system

Should you have worries regarding one health of the environment there are other carpet cleaning systems which use eco-friendly products which are non-toxic.

Many homeowners like to use a preferred homemade carpet cleaning solution which is white wine vinegar mixed to equal quantities of water, and salt and borax for the tougher stain. There are many commercial cleaning products in the market today.

There are many carpet cleaning companies who offer this service, however it may be prudent to enquire about this cleaning system and if their cleaning products are chemical or plant based.

So is the Green Carpet Cleaning System effective?

Companies which offer the green cleaning eco-friendly system compared to the more effective cleaning systems do claim their method is as good as any other method, however can these plant based products really remove deep stubborn stains over traditional methods?


There are many different ways to clean your carpet. Depending on the level of dirt, fibres in the carpet and pile, we will suggest the right method. Many carpets have high and low traffic areas which will need to be assessed before cleaning. If you are interested in getting your carpets looking new again, then Click here to Contact Russ today for a free no obligation quote.

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