Dry Carpet Cleaning v Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Now as a customer having your carpets dry cleaned sounds great.

Having your carpets back in service as soon as the carpet cleaner leaves your property.

Unfortunately while dry cleaning sounds great, it is not the best clean for your carpets.

Do you think when you have your clothes cleaned they are literally cleaned dry.

Watch the video below how clothes are dry cleaned.


As you can see moisture is involved. Now the fibres in carpets are many sizes greater than clothes so how would you expect a carpet to be cleaned thoroughly?

The dry cleaning method requires a lot of hoovering to maximize the removal of grit, sand, and dust.

We use two types of dry cleaning systems.

This first system is that an alkaline pre spay is misted over the carpet. Then micro sponges are applied and scrubbed into the carpet. The sponges have a chemical reaction with the pre spray. The sponges then absorb the dirt, turning the sponges a different colour.

To remove the sponges the carpet is then re hoovered until all the dry compound is removed. The carpet is now useable.

Using this system will also have limited success in removing stains and odours.


The 2nd method is bonnet cleaning or encapsulation method. Again thorough hoovering.

Then the carpet is misted with a pre spray and then pads rotate slowly over the carpet.

These methods cannot give your carpet a deep down clean unlike the hot water system method or steam cleaning.

We use the dry methods are very large areas if it is a maintenance clean, or the carpet is a Wilton Carpet or Axminister Carpet.

How do you know if you have a Wilton Carpet? Easy test is to pull back carpet. If the pattern is seen on the back we could be dealing with a Wilton Carpet.


We have spoken a little about the dry cleaning method, the advantages and dis advantages so what about steam or hot water extraction.

This system is used by 90% plus of the world’s professional carpet cleaning companies.

Why? It gives the best and deepest clean.

The machines used can penetrate the fibres deep using hot water the pressure of water used can be increased or decreased depending on the soilage.

Not only do the carpets receive a deep down clean, but odours are blasted away, along with some easy stains.

Yes the carpets will have a little moisture in them. To speed up the drying time air movers are used, and if it’s a warm day that helps also.

As a general rule of thumb a carpet can be touch dry in as little as 2 hours, and bone dry in about 4 hours.

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