Do supermarket foams and sprays really work on your tough carpet stains?

We have all seen the adverts on TV. Such as vanish, 1001, etc. Do they work?

So 1001 claims their product can remove odour.

How the product works… this is from the 1001 website 

Its unique antibacterial formula gently works deep down into the fibres to kill bacteria to leave carpets and upholstery smelling fresh and looking clean.


So OK, you have a stain or odour on your clothes. Would you just spray something on it and leave it and then wear that item of clothing again?

No. It has to be extracted. You would use an application suitable for the stain or odour and then use clean water.

We visit so many homes where we see the bleach marks left by these products. The carpets and upholstery look like a marble effect.

As a homeowner, you panic when a carpet incident happens and panic gets the foam or spray out, apply it, rub it in, and if by magic it disappears, amazingly the stain reappears larger and also milder colour of the original stain. It even makes the rest of your carpet dirty. You have spread the stain.

Why is this do you think?

Some carpets are, shall we say, allergic to these sprays and can bleach your carpet permanently, so the damage is done, and the only course of action is to re-dye your carpet, which can be expensive.

Please don’t use these. For the sake of a phone call, we can visit and sort out your stain issue for you. Yes, it may be more expensive than foam, but it will save you in the end.


Let’s have a moan about the urine elimination products.

Again, this is from their website

Pet Urine (Dry)

  1. Don’t worry.
  2. Apply 1001 Pet Stain and Odour remover or 1001 Spot Shot over the area.
  3. Gently wipe the stain from outside to centre without rubbing too hard.
  4. Allow to dry and reapply if necessary.
  5. Vacuum when dry.


2 or 3 light applications are more effective than one drastic application.

After treating the stain, blot up any excess liquid.


Always test an inconspicuous area before use.

Always wear rubber gloves.


Ok so this is what we would do for a urine incident.

  1. We would use our Uv urine torch to determine where the urine is. Also, we may in certain situations lift the carpet to see if the padding or underlay is wet, and the subfloor.
  2. Flush the area with cold water and vacuum out.
  3. Apply our urine application to the area and leave this to dwell for ten minutes.
  4. Using very hot water, the area would be cleaned under high pressure, leaving the carpet touch dry.
  5. Re-examine the area with our torch

Urine is made up obviously of liquid, body chemicals, and salts.


It’s the salts which, when re-hydrated, cause the smells.

How are you going to remove microscopic sizes of body salt?

As in all trades there is a right way and a wrong way.

Well that’s my moaning over. I hope you heed my advice.

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