How often should you clean your carpets?

This varies from house to house. Family member numbers ages, and of course animals.
Homeowners can help prolong a carpets life between cleans by hoovering on a regular basis which will keep the dirt, grit, dust at bay from the carpets fibres.

Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis will keep the look of the carpet in tip top condition. The cleaning will help the deep down dirt which do harm your carpets, thus extending the life of any carpet.
The IICRC advise all carpets should be professionally cleaned once per year in a low traffic area, with most carpets having a clean at least every 18 months. The high traffic areas cleaned between 3 and 6 month periods.

Most households have animals, kids, and smokers which means your heavier foot trafficked areas should be professionally cleaned up to four times per year. Did you know dust triggers off asthma conditions and other allergies? Read about the health benefits of having your carpets professionally cleared here.

In addition to employing a professional carpet cleaner, homeowners should hoover all carpeted areas once a week and more often when you have animals and children in their home.
The visible marks and stains on your carpets should not be the only issue the homeowner should be concerned about. To help marks being brought in the household it may be prudent to ask guests to remove their footwear, and try to remove any stain as quickly as possible.

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