A little about Oliver Cromwell

It is documented that Oliver Cromwell visited Warrington in 1648 and stayed at the Cottage which is now an Indian Restaurant on Church Street near the town centre.

Why as a Carpet and Upholstery cleaning company are we writing about this man?

Well today we were cleaning some of the upholstery in this historical building and I thought I would just take time out to write a little something about this famous person.

I wandered around the building upstairs looking into small side rooms, even shown into the room were Cromwell apparently slept.

Cromwell was born in Huntingdon in April 1599. He had two brothers and seven sisters. His brothers and sisters all died early in life.

Cromwell himself married in April 1620. His bride was Elizabeth Bourchier and had nine children.  I tried to follow a family tree to determine if any descendants exist.

It is rumoured that Cromwell went through a difficult period in his life in his late 20s early 30s with what say was mental illness.

In 1631 he decided to sell his family home and relocated to St Ives.

Between 1642 -1646 Cromwell fought in the Civil War and during this time was promoted to lieutenant general.

By 1753 he was in control politically in control on England, Wales and Scotland and did so until his death.

He died of malaria and kidney infection however what I did not know was that in 1660 the Royalists dug up his remains, hung his body up by a rope and beheaded him.

Even after his death he was a controversial figure. Some people called him a revolutionists while a former prime minister being Winston Churchill described Cromwell as a military dictator.

Some Irish people thought of him as being pure evil for what he did to the Irish people.

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