How to remove smells from my carpets

Your carpets take a daily beating just like the clothes on our bodies. We change our clothes to wash, as we know they need to be cleaned to remove dirt and sweat.

Unfortunately, we can’t just take up our carpets, or rugs and put them in the washing machine.
But I hear you say my carpets don’t smell. Customers become immune to the odours in their carpets, or nose blind.
Odours from the dog, your feet, and what you bring on your shoes all contribute to the build-up of that odour. The best test you can do is get on your hands and knees. Nearly all carpets which are 3 months old, and have a family will have an odour of some sort.
Odours are a breeding ground for germs to grow, and allergens to multiply and could cause health problems for your family.
Having your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner who guarantees their machinery produces steam is the best way for your carpets to be cleaned. Normally truck-mounted machines will do this as a matter of course, however, some carpet cleaners have inline heaters attached to their portable machines that do the same job. Your carpets will be clean, odour-free, sanitized, and stain-free (most times).

So what is Carpet Steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is the process where the machinery heats water to between 120F to 220f. The water when used looks like a vapour. The pressure of the steam will vary from 80psi to 800psi. We never clean carpets above 350 psi. Also, odours are destroyed. When the steam comes into contact with the odour, it breaks down the odour at the molecular level. The hotter the steam, the cleaner the carpet will be. This is all dependent on what is being cleaned and the level of soilage. Not all carpets can be steam cleaned due to shrinkage issues, as this is where an experienced carpet cleaning company come in handy. Please refer to the survey.
So how your carpet would be cleaned?

There are several things that need to be done to complete the cleaning.

We will carry a detailed survey of the carpet out. This survey will include checking for seams if two carpets are joined as one. The general fitting of the carpet. The homeowner would be asked questions such as have your pets urinated on the carpet if so a detailed urine examination will take place. This examination is carried out by using an ultraviolet torch. The torch, when beamed onto the carpet, will change the colour of the carpet when finding urine. A moisture test will also be carried out in the urine areas.
Known stains will be addressed. A lot of homeowners attempt their stain removal and, in most cases, cannot remove the stain, they just spread it. If this is the case again, communicate with the homeowner as to how they attempted the clean, and what did they use. On certain carpets, if the wrong chemical is used it could and does seal the stain in the carpets, and is impossible to remove unless the damaged area is re-bleached, but that is another story.

Your carpet cleaning process should include

– Pre-vacuuming- A typical 15 ft. Square room could take ten minutes to complete.
– Visible stains- In some situations, chemicals will have to be used, such as coffee, tea, and red wine. We need chemistry to assist with the reversal of the tanning in the carpet.
– The cleaning itself is fairly quick. Again, a room is 15ft square, and the actual cleaning will be 20 minutes.
– The advantage of using truck mounts or professional portable machines is the strength of the vacuum system. Some systems can run hoses from 100ft to 400ft. The carpets can be back in use within 2 hours or fewer.

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