Renting a carpet cleaning machine

Have you ever tried to clean your carpets with a rental machine? I hear an awful lot of customers, never again, or too much like hard work.

It sounds like a good idea. A money-saving option you would think?

So how much does to hire? How long will it take you to carry out this job? What drying times can you expect?

Most high street stores have these in stock and prices do vary slightly, but as a general rule of thumb, this was based on our investigations.

The machine costs £25.00 per day. You will need to collect this.

Chemicals may be charged at around £35.00. This is for shampoo plus a stain removal chemical.

You may even need other chemicals such as urine removal, coffee, tea removal, and odour removal, so this will increase costs.

You can carry this machine to your vehicle, which from a negative point is proving pump and vacuum size, with a small water reservoir.

When dealing with fabrics for best results, you must use a minimum psi to achieve acceptable results. Water pressure needs to be strong enough to dislodge dirt.

Professional carpet cleaners in Warrington would use a minimum psi of 250 when working with rugs and carpets, supported with very constant hot water or steam. A psi of 150 for fabric upholstery.

So what are these machines’ Psi capable of? 28 psi seems to be average on those that we have tested. This does not penetrate the deep-down fibre.

Their vacuum power can work from 10 feet.

Our machine can run 100ft

The DIY shampoo will have a ph. of 7.5, which is neutral and can in most instances be used on manmade or natural fibres.

Most items being cleaned will need something a little more aggressive, so this is why our chemicals have a pH of 10 plus and acids with a pH of 2. The chemicals we use are alkaline and acids.

Are you able to identify what fibre you have? This is very important, as some are prone to shrinkage along with colour running.

Our industry is a game of chemistry. Understanding a process for removing stains, or odours.

When you commence, how will you tackle your project?

Will you vacuum first? Why would you do this?

Have you the confidence to remove any stains?

What will you do if you cannot remove the stain? What other options do you have?

How long will it take for the items to dry?


From our perspective, this is what we would do.

Yes, we vacuum. The reason for this is this process will eliminate around 80% plus of any grit or loose dirt. This will help with a better cleaning, allowing our chemicals to work on fibres more thoroughly.

We flush any known stains out using just cold water, giving us a blank canvas to work on. We then using our experience will identify your stain.

Is it food, drink, or makeup? Each situation will require a different approach.


The picture below is an example of what we can achieve.

This particular customer was based in Padgate, Warrington.

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