Safe carpet cleaning for your dog

One of the main reasons people have their carpets cleaned when they have animals is the subconscious feeling that other people will smell the dog’s odour.

You will become immune to the smell. You may get the occasional waft of doggy smell walking across the carpet, or when you vacuum, but don’t give it a second thought.

Until that smell becomes permanent even in your nostrils.

So what causes the carpet to smell?

Most families’ pets have the freedom of the house, and they play and as us humans sweat.

Our sweat is absorbed into our clothes and we get them washed ASAP.

Dogs sweat and roll over the carpet and rugs, time and time again.

And as carpet fibres act as a sponge, the odour has to go somewhere. Add this to repetitive dog-playing and slobbering. You get the picture.

With the best will in the world, hoovering and leaving the windows open to air a room that smells won’t remove the problem.

Just like your clothes, your carpets have to be washed.

So what is the best method to remove pet odours?

Again, like your washing machine, a particular cycle with a particular cleaner at a certain temperature will clean the clothes and remove the odours for you.

The same principle for professional carpet cleaners.

However, some customers ask that either no chemicals be used, or natural chemicals be used.

Unfortunately, there are times when chemicals need to be applied when the odour is that severe, however, this would be determined during the survey.

We have known the odour to be so severe the underlay has had to be replaced as the odour and animal sweat have penetrated the backing of the carpet and the walls.

Most odour cleaning will require an appropriate chemical to assist in tackling the problem.

What the chemical we use does is break down the odours, not just mask them.

1/ We leave the chemical in the fibres of the carpet for around ten minutes. This allows the chemical to destroy any odours present. The chemical breaks the odour down at the molecular level.

The second phase is extraction. Again, it is all down to the fibre.

On how much water pressure we can use and heat temperature. This is all explained when the survey is being carried out.

2/ Using green chemicals

These do nothing to assist you may as well just ask for steam carpet cleaning.

3/ Steam cleaning odours away

Either steam or hot water is used for people with allergies to chemicals or the odours from chemicals.

This is where the carpet is cleaned with just water at a particular temperature by the carpet being cleaned.

If you have questions referring to odours on the carpet, please call me.

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