We Love Our Canine Friends

We Love our canine friends

We love our canine friends. We get great satisfaction from their friendship and their love.
Our loving dogs need to be taken care of just like children.
When we take them out for walks, they run around. What they can bring back into our home can be quite frightening.

Pet odours

warrington carpet cleaners examining the stair carpets

Walking in urine, other animal’s faeces, and they bring this back home into our carpets and upholstery.
Honestly do you wipe your dog down after every walk?

cleaning our dogs

So, what other presents can our pets bring into our home.

Did you know that dogs on average 20 thousand types of bacteria in their saliva? When they dribble, what do you do? Leave it to soak up in the carpet?

Our pets waste also carries a health warning. There is in excess of 22 million faecal coliform in every gram of dog waste.

When our pets take a visit to the vets we have them checked for fleas. If your pet does have flees it would be advisable to have your home treated from top to bottom.

With up to 10% of our population having some form of allergic reaction, most allergies are animal related.

The dirt which is walked onto our homes carry many forms of bacteria and a square foot of carpet can hold up to a pound of dirt and grime.

aninals on our upholstery

So how does this affect you and your family?

We can and do suffer with allergies, skin infections, our asthma may get worse, and upset stomachs

Our advice in helping your home.
Greeting mats
Greeting mats can help absorb water and wipe dirt from paws which will help your flooring stay cleaner.

Animal accidents
Animals like children have accidents, it is best to clean any urine up quickly. This will stop the urine leaking into the underlay. Failure to react quickly may cause further problems. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and will return to the same spot if they can smell their urine.
In the event that you don’t have the chemicals at hand it may be wise to contact cleanmycarpets.co.uk who have the technical expertise to eradicate urine and odour issues from the sub floor upwards.

Wash our pets
Washing our pets on a regular basis will help keep the allergens levels at a more manageable level, keep your best friend smelling lovely, and the dirt in their coats removed, hence keeping the dirt they bring into our homes reduced.

Let’s hoover our home
Our Hoover Cleaner Tips
Our advice to ensure your Vacuum Cleaner is in tip top condition
Cleanmycarpets advise you can help keep your carpets, upholstery, rugs and other fabrics by following our simple tips for hoovering one’s carpets and ensure you keep ones hoover in the best condition possible

Always read the manufacturer’s guidelines for the correct usage use of their product.

If you want the best possible cleaning results, inspect your hoover monthly to ensure it is working properly:
• Keep the brushes clean and always replace them when worn.
• Keep the vacuum hoses and all attachments free of contaminants that restrict air flow.
• Inspect the belts often to ensure that they are working correctly.
• Keep a spare belt for replacing if needed.
• Follow the hoover manufacturer’s directions and change the vacuum bag. As the bag becomes fuller, the soil removal efficiency will become reduced.

What will a Good hoover do for you.
We advise that a routine vacuuming is an adequate solution to keep your carpets clean, however hoovering will only remove a certain percentage of the dirt, allergens and carpet debris. A good eye may show the furnishing clean, however your carpets, fabrics and upholstery always have a busy daily workout and it is worth considering the debris and the dust that lie beneath the fibres of your carpet. The life of one’s carpet should include a yearly thorough deep cleaning by a trained carpet cleaning professional.

Hoover often
Using your hoover several times a week helps reduce the soilage and grit which builds up in the entrance and in the fibres of your carpet. Occasionally spot cleaning is an essential part of your diy carpet cleaning programme. After hoovering, apply some spot cleaning solution as supplied by cleanmycarpets.co.uk

For the best results, us a hoover which has rotating brushes. This will help loosen the grit giving the maximum and best results, Little Accidents will happen. We have all spilt some wine beer, or even milk. Our company has a range of stain removal products, which can help remove the most common and some stubborn household carpet and upholstery stains. For the more problematic stains a professional carpet cleaning may be able to help.
Placing your feet or body on clean and soft carpets is a wonderful feeling Getting ones carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned will ensure that

1/ Removal of all dust, and dirt

2/ Removal of dust mites

3/ Removal of stains

4/ Leaving you with a clean carpet or upholstery.

5/ Gives you cleans fabrics, healthy, and odour free

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