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Do you have badly stained carpets? Not been cleaned for a while. Colour changes around the edges. The dog had a wee and now your carpets are smelling and stained?

Do you require experienced commercial or domestic carpet cleaners in Wigan? We have over twenty-two years of experience.

Did you know that steam extraction is the best method available? Why?

Steam is a water temperature above 100c.

When it comes to cleaning carpets we must understand the fibre. Is it a natural yarn or manmade. 

When pressure is applied to your fabrics, this allows for a deep and hygenic clean. This revives your fibres.

Hot water breaks down grease, grime, and allergens. At 130c, this temperature will eliminate most odours and destroy bacteria, viruses, plus dust mites. All these are not seen by the naked eye but we all know that they exist. And today we all understand, if not more than before, the Importance of being hygienic.

Clean is hygienic. Live in a healthy and safe environment. If not for you, think about your loved ones, especially those with underlying health issues.

Have I persuaded you to call me? Would you like a free quote?

Do you like your carpets or upholstery sanitised, fresh, and stain-free?

How much do we charge? As a rule of thumb, a flight of stairs is £30.00.

For this, we remove all grit, hair, and other loose items. Apply an alkaline solution which breaks down the contaminants, then followed by steam extraction.

A living room would be more expensive. Prices vary depending on size and what work is required. This may involve urine extraction, pet odour removal and various stains such as red wine, food spillages and so much more.

Please avoid renting machinery in Wigan and leave your worries to us. It is not cost-effective for a DIY person. My staff are experienced in their field. We bring nothing but professionalism plus a high-quality service. Trained and qualified with both the Ncca and Iicrc.

No matter which services your home or office requires, be it steam extraction, stain removal, or  your upholstery , our team of experts will achieve amazing results with an absolute minimum of fuss. Using quality solutions whilst using the correct method and system for every fibre.


Our prices are extremely competitive.

For example, a flight of stairs is £30.00. We do not contain any hidden extras, and all quotes are free. We are always happy to give you advice so you will know how to look after your carpets in between our visits.

Many businesses profess to offer a fast and effective service, few carry out their services to our standards.

Our proof is in our video review section..

One thing we set out to do when we started our company was to not only do our job well but to provide an all-round professional service. As a progressive company in this industry, we aim to ensure our entire staff are always courteous and to be the best company you could choose.

Not only will you be happy with our results, but our friendly approach to you, our clients. If you are fed up with looking for a company that cares about what their clients think, your search is finally over.

For a long time, we have had a loyal and satisfied customer base. Before doing anything, we perform a thorough onsite inspection or a survey, then and only then do we suggest the best solution.

Don’t allow stains, odours, and allergens to build up in your home – get rid of them!

After many years, we have developed very effective techniques to maximise the removal of soil, dirt, dust, grease, and dust mites from your home.

A dirty carpet can greatly increase the number of pollutants in an office. This would tell me you are living with bacteria and viruses beneath your feet.

Improve air quality for everyone in your office with our services.

Like all things, fabrics are also exposed to a lot of dust and germs and they need to be cleaned. We offer you the best chance to get your carpet cleaned up well, but we are not just saying that without a reason.


Why us?

The big question is why should you employ us and not just complete the task yourself?

Carpets are something that cost a lot and are quite large. If you were to wash them on your own, you would need a large space to spread out the carpet, and then you would probably start scrubbing it. This is a very tedious task: it would take you ages to complete it. Therefore, this method has several disadvantages.

You need a lot of space

A lot of manpower is required.

You risk damaging the carpet. This is a very important point: carpets are rather sensitive, and everything is alright till you dry clean them, but when it comes to actual cleaning, you can spoil the carpet if you use the wrong method. For instance, if you use washing powder to clean up your carpet, and try to wash it the same way that you wash your clothes, you could spoil it completely and that means all your investment will go to waste.

This requires a lot of time. This is very true, and if you start cleaning every carpet in your house yourself, you can very well give up on other tasks because this is going to consume all your time. You will have to put in a lot of effort.

So after all these things you get the message clearly: do not try this at home!


Why would you want your carpets cleaned?


Many people will wonder why they should have their fabrics sanitised at all. Many think that using a hoover every day or so is adequate. The reasons are quite simple: There is more to it than appears in front of the naked eye, and every day your carpets attract germs, dust mites, and allergens that you cannot see. Why do you wash your clothes?

Hygiene is very important. This is essential, especially if you have small children in your house. A dirty carpet can be responsible for different allergies. Since nobody would want to have any allergies, it is extremely important to make sure your fabrics are clean. Dirt fibres could also cause problems like bad odours, which would make a living place uncomfortable, and if your carpet is quite dirty, you need to get it cleaned through us so that your house looks better and well-kept. Why leave out the carpets when they are an important part of your house?



Fabric upholstery cleaning   –  We use specific solutions for this type of fibre. Prior to any work takes place we will survey the sofa. Looking for such things as grease marks from the head and arms.We using a small hand tool to clean. Most furniture takes time due to the different areas to deal with. Backs, sides, arms, head rests and seating areas. Once complete, we place air movers to speed up the drying times.

Leather sofa cleaning         – Identifying the hide is critical. For this type of work we use creams. Pre clean of your leather is actioned by a liquid solution which breaks down all the grease and soils. Once complete, we re clean and nourish at the same time. We suggest to leave the leather upholstery thirty minutes before sitting on it after we leave.

Urine and odour removal       – We visit many properties to help eliminate these problems. We use specific chemicals to break down odours and  via the  steam cleaning process, this is destroyed and removed. When it comes to urine we have levels of contamination to deal with.

1/ This may be removed during the standard cleaning.

2/ More intricate where we have to add specific urine-destroying solutions on the area and flush under high pressure.

3/ Removal and replacement of the underlay.



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