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At Clean My Carpets, we provide a ‘Guaranteed’ professional upholstery cleaning service, that will clean deep into your upholstered furniture at temperatures that remove the dirt you can see, and kill the germs you can’t see…

What is professional upholstery cleaning?

Sanitising your fabric upholstery on a regular interval will help to restore the fresh and fresh look and also extend the life of your sofa, armchairs, and other soft furnishings.

We carry out a very detailed inspection of your upholstery, followed by chemical testing normally at the back of the settee. This helps us determine the best practice to use for that piece of upholstery or the materials to be cleaned.

If the colour bleeds, we will use another system. Our technician will discuss with the customer the recommended process to be used.


The most commonly used method for upholstery cleaning is to use HWE or otherwise known as hot water extraction and sometimes referred to as steam cleaning.

All upholstery should be hoovered to remove any grit or hair. The relevant chemical is applied to the upholstery and gently massaged into the fibres. This helps loosen dirt, and stains, and deodorises the fabric. This can be done using our machine and attaching soft brushes.

Using our knowledge and experience we use the correct water pressure. Too much pressure can damage certain fibres. The drying times can vary also. This will be down to the padding within the upholstery.  So what is it we do?

1/ Survey

This is critical. Understanding the construction, and fibre type eliminate any misunderstanding of what method is to be used. Also, we need to do this for our insurance.


2/ Check for stains.

Spillages are very common. From tea, coffee, red wine, and food.

Watermarks are eye sore. That ring of contamination from liquids.

Removing these problems is down to experience and using the correct solutions.

Water stains do require more repetitive work to ensure everything is removed.

We do this as the customer in most cases has tried to resolve this themselves using shop products that do not do the job and can cause damage with the bleaching agents contained in them.

 Our Work

We are ready to start. Setting up our truck mount.

Adding an acid to the freshwater tank neutralises the alkaline chemical we use.

Setting the heat.

Agitation assists in lifting dirt, grime, and marks. Allowing a dwell time for the chemicals to work.

Attention to detail is very important. Covering the back, sides, arms, and seating area. 

Once completed we rub everywhere down with a clean white terry towel. If we view any dirt transfer we readdress that section. 

Air movers are used to assist with the drying process. We aim for your upholstery to be dry within 4hours.

We can provide you with no obligation upholstery cleaning quotation.

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Featured Job (Before & After)

This was a recent job where the client had spilled red wine down the arm of her sofa. A lot of upholstery cleaners would use a machine on a stain like this, leaving the sofa damp for many hours. We tackled this area by hand at first and brought the stain right out, followed by using specific solutions.

What our customers say about us

Russ at Clean my Carpets brought life back into what we believe to be a ruined carpet. They have come up soft to touch again and as clean as when they were new

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